Dr Claire Adams

Dr Claire Adams

Laboratory Manager

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)

Laboratory Manager for the Biomedical Research laboratories at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.


NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety
HCPC registered Clinical Scientist in Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics.
PhD in Antibody Engineering (University of Bath).
BSc (Hons) Biological and Medicinal Chemistry (Exeter University).

Professional membership

Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Science

Member of the:
British Association of Cancer Research (BACR)
UK Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine Network 

Research interests

Research expertise in Renal and Stem Cell Transplantation, Immunogenetics, Cancer research, Biomarkers
Immunology and Biobanking. At present, I work within Prof Oliver Hanemann's research group genotyping brain tumours to aid the develop of personalised medicine.

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Lyons Rimmer J, Ercolano E, Baiz D, Makhija M, Berger A, Sells T, Stroud S, Hilton D, Adams CL & Hanemann CO 2020 'The Potential of MLN3651 in Combination with Selumetinib as a Treatment for Merlin-Deficient Meningioma' Cancers 12, (7) 1744-1744 , DOI
Adams CL, Ercolano E, Ferluga S, Sofela A, Dave F, Negroni C, Kurian KM, Hilton DA & Hanemann CO 2020 'A Rapid Robust Method for Subgrouping Non-NF2 Meningiomas According to Genotype and Detection of Lower Levels of M2 Macrophages in AKT1 E17K Mutated Tumours' International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21, (4) 1273-1273 , DOI PEARL
Ferluga S, Baiz D, Hilton DA, Adams CL, Ercolano E, Dunn J, Bassiri K, Kurian KM & Hanemann CO 2020 'Constitutive activation of the EGFR–STAT1 axis increases proliferation of meningioma tumor cells' Neuro-Oncology Advances 2, (1) , DOI PEARL
Dunn J, Ferluga S, Sharma V, Futschik M, Hilton DA, Adams CL, Lasonder E & Hanemann CO 2018 'Proteomic analysis discovers the differential expression of novel proteins and phosphoproteins in meningioma including NEK9, HK2 and SET and deregulation of RNA metabolism' EBioMedicine Author Site , DOI PEARL
Provenzano L, Ryan Y, Hilton DA, Lyons-Rimmer J, Dave F, Maze EA, Adams CL, Rigby-Jones R, Ammoun S & Hanemann CO 2017 'Cellular prion protein (PrPC) in the development of Merlin-deficient tumours' Oncogene , DOI PEARL
Bassiri K, Ferluga S, Sharma V, Syed N, Adams CL, Lasonder E & Hanemann CO 2017 'Global Proteome and Phospho-proteome Analysis of Merlin-deficient Meningioma and Schwannoma Identifies PDLIM2 as a Novel Therapeutic Target' EBioMedicine , DOI PEARL
Palles C, Chegwidden L, Li X, Findlay JM, Farnham G, Castro Giner F, Peppelenbosch MP, Kovac M, Adams CL & Prenen H 2015 'Polymorphisms Near TBX5 and GDF7 Are Associated With Increased Risk for Barrett’s Esophagus' Gastroenterology 148, (2) 367-378 , DOI PEARL
Carey BS, Jain R, Adams CL, Wong KY, Shaw S, Tse WY & Kaminski ER 2013 'Serum neopterin as an indicator of increased risk of renal allograft rejection' Transplant Immunology 28, 81-85 , DOI
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Adams CL 2004 'Differences in the kinetics, amplitude, and localization of ERK activation in anergy and priming revealed at the level of individual primary T cells by laser scanning cytometry' J Immunol , DOI
Adams CL, Kobets N, Meiklejohn GR, Millington OR, Grierson AM, Rush CM, Smith KM & Garside P 2004 'Tracking lymphocytes in vivo' ARCHIVUM IMMUNOLOGIAE ET THERAPIAE EXPERIMENTALIS 52, (3) 173-187 Author Site
Adams CL, Macleod MKL, James Milner-White E, Aitken R, Garside P & Stott DI 2003 'Complete analysis of the B-cell response to a protein antigen, from in vivo germinal centre formation to 3-D modelling of affinity maturation' Immunology 108, (3) 274-287 , DOI PEARL
Adams CL, Rush CM, Smith KM & Garside P 0 'Tracking Antigen-Specific Lymphocytes In Vivo' Cell Migration in Inflammation and Immunity Humana Press 133-146 , DOI
Conference Papers
Baiz D, Negroni C, Ferluga S, Ercolano E, Adams C & Hanemann CO 2018 'High miR-9 levels represent a novel prognostic biomarker to predict development of malignant meningioma' 25th Biennial Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR25) Amsterdam 6-/-0/20187-/-0/2018PEARL
Baiz D, Negroni C, Ferluga S, Ercolano E, Adams C & Hanemann CO Baiz D, Negroni C, Ferluga S, Ercolano E, Adams C & Hanemann CO 0 'Circulating miR-9 levels as a novel prognostic biomarker for highergrade meningioma' PEARL
Negroni C, Ercolano E, Adams C, Hilton D, Baiz D & Hanemann CO Negroni C, Ercolano E, Adams C, Hilton D, Baiz D & Hanemann CO 0 'The transcription factor GATA4 is overexpressed in malignant meningioma enhancing proliferation via downregulation of miR-15 family members' PEARL