Dr Chris Rollinson

Dr Chris Rollinson

Quality Assurance Manager

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)



have worked for over 20 years in both commercial and non-commercial organizations delivering clinical trials research. During this time, I have gained experience in a number of Clinical Trial roles such as; Auditing & Monitoring, Project Management, Scientific Advisor and Training Facilitator. 


1993 to 2001. PhD, Neuro-physiology (part-time study): Physiology Group, King's College London, Strand, London WC2R 2LS.
1991 to 1993. MSc, Neuro-anatomy (part-time study): Anatomy & Physiology groups, King's College London, Strand, London WC2R 2LS.
1987 to 1989 BSc. (Hons), Ecology & Entomology: University of East London, Stratford, London.

Professional membership

Member of RQA (Research Quality Association)
Member of the Society of Biology (SB).


Teaching interests

Currently a NIHR GCP Training Facilitator.


Research interests

Clinical Trials. Past research interests have included CNS, Blood-brain barrier, heat shock proteins, endothelial cell function, lectins, electron microscopy, immunohistochemistry, immunology and early phase clinical trials. 


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Additional information

Sporting Interests: Sailing, Swimming, Running, Cycling, Aquathlon, Triathlon, Walking. Represented GB in Masters Aquathlon and Triathlon World and European Championship Events