Dr Chloe Milsom

Dr Chloe Milsom

Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences (Education)

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)


Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences


I joined PMSD in September 2017. I am very excited to be a member of the teaching team and to be able to share some of my research knowledge.

I have 15 years of experience in cancer research. I obtained a PhD in Medical Sciences from McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) in 2009, where I was also a teaching assistant (PBL facilitator) in the School of Nursing. The focus of my research thesis was the regulation of tumour angiogenesis and tumour growth by oncogenes, the coagulation system and cancer stem cells. My first postdoctoral position was in a preclinical translational laboratory at Sunnybrook Research Institute (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), where I worked on developing effective and less toxic therapies for early and late stage metastatic cancers. My second postdoctoral position was at the Stem Cell and Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute (Hamilton, Ontario), where I was able to contribute to two very interesting research articles published in Cell Reports, before returning to the UK in June 2015.

I have contributed to 30 publications and presented my work at several national and international conferences. I have been the recipient of several competitive federal (Canada) and provincial (Ontario) research fellowships. In 2010, I was awarded one of the L’Oreal Canada for Women in Science Research Excellence Fellowships with support from the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

Teaching interests

I am interested in how to implement active learning, how to give meaningful feedback and how to develop my teaching practice through reflection.

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Reports & invited lectures

May 2013        McMaster University, Hamilton, ON

Mar 2011       The Expedition Inspiration Fund for Breast Cancer Research Fifteenth Annual Laura Evans Memorial    Breast Cancer Symposium, Sun Valley, Idaho, U.S.A.

Nov 2008        Children’s Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Aug 2008        Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre,Toronto, ON, Canada

June 2008       Canadian Institutes for Health Research Retreat, Courtside Marriott,Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Apr 2008         American Association of Cancer Research Conference, San Diego Convention Centre, CA, U.S.A

May 2007        Jurovinski Cancer Centre, Hamilton, ON,Canada

June 2005       Vascular Biology Seminar Series, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada

May 2004        Research Seminar Series, Henderson Research Centre, Hamilton, ON, Canada