Dr Charlotte Braungardt

Dr Charlotte Braungardt

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Environmental Science

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

I am Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Environmental Science and Assistant Head of School for Environmental Science within the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (SoGEES). My main roles in learning and teaching are in BSc (Hons) Environmental Science and MSc Environmental Consultancy.
I am a member of the Biogeochemistry Research Centre (BGC: http://www1.plymouth.ac.uk/research/bgc/Pages/default.aspx ), it's sub-group Biogeochemistry and Environmental Analytical Chemistry (BEACh:  http://www.plymouth.ac.uk/research/beach ) and the Environmental Science Research Group. My research activities centre around the geochemistry of mine waste and its impact on the aquatic and terrestrial environments and mitigation.


In my previous career, I graduated as a Dipl.-Ing. Electrical Engineering/Communication Electronics in 1989 and worked as a project engineer in industrial process controll systems for the engineering consultancy Metallurgische Gesellschaft/LURGI in Germany until 1993.
I obtained a BSc Environmental Science at the University of Plymouth in 1996 and continued my scientific training with a Ph.D. in marine geochemistry (Metal biogeochemistry of a mine contaminated estuarine-coastal system in SW Spain) at the same University in 2000. Two EU-funded post-doctoral research fellowships followed between 2000 and 2003, on the projects MEMOSEA (UV digestion of metal complexing natural organic matter and humic substances) and IMTEC (In situ automated monitoring of trace metal speciation in estuaries and coastal zones).
Between 2001 and 2006, I took on various part-time lecturing roles in environmental science and marine science and obtained the LTHE (Learning and Teaching in Higher Education) qualification. My permanent position as lecturer at the University of Plymouth commenced in 2006.

Professional membership

MI - Marine Institute
ERF - Estuarine Research Federation
IMWA - International Mine Water Association
SETAC - Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
MBA - Marine Biological Association

ILM - Institute of Leadership and Management

Roles on external bodies

International Mine Water Association: Member of the scientific comittee.
Associate Editor for the journal 'Mine Water and the Environment'

Teaching interests

My teaching activities centre around our BSc Environmental Science programme and the MSc Environmental Consultancy course. As a lecturer, my focus is on catchment science, geochemistry,  water resources, scientific method and skills development; the latter including practical scientific investigations, providing opportunities for work experience, as well as introducing advanced IT skills, such as GIS, to the programme. 
The development of life skill alongside academic credentials is key to the personal and professional development of our graduates. In this context I am working on embedding into the curriculum opportunities for our students to obtain and practice their communication, leadership and management skills and become resilient individuals and confident professionals. I am member of the University Mental Health Taskforce.

Research interests

My research interests lie in the geochemistry and biogeochemistry of catchment systems, from headwaters to estuaries and into the coastal zone. Current research projects investigate point and diffuse sources of elements associated with metal mining activities and the impact of contamination on aquatic and terrestrial environments, the assessment of risk for humans from uptake of metals and metalloids into the food chain and mitigation and remediation measures. For this work, collaboration with external partners include local organisations (e.g. Tamar Valley Service), as well as the Environment Agency, Camborne School of Mines, the British Geological Survey, the International Zinc Association and the European Copper Institute. My recent sabbatical at the University of Montpellier II has complemented my research interests in the area of remediation of metal mining legacies. 

Other research

Recent conference presentations

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Holly Pearson: Copper and Zinc Speciation and Bioavailability in the Tamar Estuary. PhD, July 2016. Funded by University of Plymouth, the European Copper Institute and International Zinc Association.

Thomas C Robson: Weathering of Sulfide Ores in Model Soils, Potentially Toxic Element release and Bioavailabilty. PhD, September 2011. Funded by the University of Plymouth.

Alison JM Turner: Diffuse Mine Water Pollution: Quantification and Risk Assessment in the Tamar Catchment. PhD, April 2011. Funded by Great Western Research and the Environment Agency of England and Wales.

Krongkaew Mighanetara: Impact of Metal Mining on the Water Quality in the Tamar Catchment. PhD, December 2008. With Dr. John Rieuwerts and Dr. Fethi Azizi. Funded by the Royal Thai Government and the School of Engineering and Technology at Plymouth University.

Cathryn Money: Trace Metal Chemical Speciation and Acute Toxicity to Pacific Oyster Larvae. PhD, December 2007. With Prof. Paul Worsfold and Prof. Eric Achterberg (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton). NERC Case studentship.

Grants & contracts

Current funding

Restoring lowland heathland after mineral extraction: patterns and processes (with Drs Jon Ellis (PI), Paul Lunt, Mick Hanley and Mary Knight). Supported by Sibelco.

Heavy metal biogeochemistry and removal by microbial biotechnologies (with Dr Rich Boden (PI)). Funded by the government of Iraq

Past funding

Trace metal fate and behaviour in a metal impacted estuary (with Dr. Sean Comber (PI), Prof. Paul Worsfold). Supported by NERC funds and the International Zinc Association and European Copper Institute.

Geochemical transformation of toxic metal-rich mining waste in agricultural soils: implications for crops (with Dr. Miranda Keith-Roach, Prof. Paul Worsfold, Dr. John Rieuwerts).

Geoprocessing of contaminant transport in catchments affected by abandoned metal mines, KTP collaboration with the British Geological Survey, funded by the Environment Agency and HEIF3.

Sustainable management of minewater pollution from headwaters to estuaries (with Prof. Paul Worsfold and Drs John Rieuwerts, Benedict Williamson (Camborne School of Mines) and Hugh Potter (Environment Agency)), GWR Studentship co-funded by the EA.

The legacy of metal mining in the Tamar Valley: Impact on environmental quality and solutions (with Drs John Rieuwerts, Fethi Azizi and John Summerscale). Scholarship from the Royal Thai Government.

Novel integration of trace element speciation measurements and marine bioassays (with Profs. Eric Achterberg (NOC), Awadhesh Jha, Paul Worsfold). Nerc Case Studentship.

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Lane M, Hanley ME, Lunt P, Knight ME, Braungardt CB & Ellis JS 2019 'Chronosequence of former kaolinite open cast mines suggests active intervention is required for the restoration of Atlantic heathland' Restoration Ecology , DOI PEARL
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Conference Papers
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