Miss Cassandra Pinheiro

Miss Cassandra Pinheiro

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health)



I am a PhD researcher and part-time teacher within the School of Psychology with specific interest in memory and intentional forgetting. 

Prior to my exploration of the psychology field, I was involved in research within the biology field, focusing on topics within comparative anatomy/morphology. Marrying these two passions was the foundation for my interest within neuropsychology, eventually pushing me to move outside the comfort of my home country in pursuit of this.

Being raised by teachers, I have an innate interest in education and student development. I am passionate about the part-time teaching work I do within the School of Psychology, particularly the student engagement I get through the Foundation workshops I lead.

Office: Link 209


2020: MSc Neuropsychology - Maastricht University

2019: BA (Hons) Psychology - University of South Africa (Cum Laude)

2017: BSc (Hons) Morphological Sciences - Stellenbosch University

2016: BSc Human Life Sciences with Psychology - Stellenbosch University



Teaching interests

I am particularly interested in the development of undergraduate students, focusing my marking and teaching on these cohorts.


PSYC001: The Foundations of Psychology

PSYC003: Psychological Influences on Health and Behaviour

PSYC004: Career Directions and Applications in Psychology


PSYC411: Learning

PSYC413: Debates in Psychology

PSYC414: Relationships

PSYC415: Topics in Psychology

PSYC416: Connecting Psychology



Research interests

I am interested in intentional memory control, particularly the ability to suppress emotional memories, with implications for stress and affective disorders. Currently, I employ the Think/No-Think (TNT) paradigm as a tool to induce suppression-induced forgetting.

Other research

My MSc research project focused on the effect of acute stress on the intentional control of consolidated memories, employing the Think/No-Think task and inducing stress using the Maastricht Acute Stress Test (MAST).

My BSc (Hons) research project focused on the comparative abdominal gastrointestinal morphology of several South African golden mole species, for which I was published as first author.




Pinheiro C, Venter ML, Sahd L, Bronner GN, KotzĂ© SH. Comparative gastrointestinal morphology of seven golden mole species (Mammalia: Chrysochloridae) from South Africa. J Morphol. 2018 Dec;279(12):1776-1786. http://https//onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/jmor.20900 



Other academic activities

I presented a poster titled "The Suppression of Emotional Memories" at the annual University of Plymouth School of Psychology conference (June 2023)

Additional information

Being proudly born in South Africa, combined with a Portuguese-led upbringing from my immigrant father, I have a particularly unique perspective. This has allowed me to develop a passion about viewing topics in psychology from a non-Western perspective.

I am a keen cook, exploring cuisines from numerous cultures, a passionate adventurer and an avid rugby watcher.