Miss Caitlin McAndry

Miss Caitlin McAndry

Teaching and Support Assistant

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



PhD student

Project title: Adapting to climate change: transgenerational acclimation as a mechanism of rapid evolution

Project supervisors: Dr Manuela Truebano (DoS), Dr Pete Cotton, Professor Melody Clark, Dr Helen Findlay, Dr Enrico Rezende


MRes in Marine Biology, University of Plymouth (2019-2020)

BSc in Marine Biology, University of Plymouth (2016-2019)



Research interests

My research focuses on how transgenerational acclimation may act as a vital mechanism allowing rapid adaptive responses to climate change. Using marine invertebrates, I will explore the effects of transgenerational exposure to elevated temperatures across levels of biological organisation, using whole organism physiology, behaviour and life history approaches in conjunction with -omic techniques.

Grants & contracts

My PhD work is supported by the Natural Environment Research Council and ARIES DTP [grant number NE/S007334/1]”