Professor Brian Chalkley

Professor Brian Chalkley

Emeritus Professor

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



To provide academic leadership for the GEES Subject Centre


BA (first class) Honours in Geography, University of Leeds. PhD in Geography, University of Southampton.

Professional membership

Member of the Council of the Royal Geographical Society. Member of the Higher Education Academy.

Roles on external bodies

Royal Geographical Society: member of Council and member of the Education Committee.

Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Geography in Higher Education.



Teaching interests

Careers education and employability. The Geography of Australia. Sustainable Development. Urban Geography.

Staff serving as external examiners

External Examiner for the New Academics course at Manchester University.

External Examiner for the MSc in Leadership for Sustainable Development run by Middlesex University in association with Forum for the Future



Research interests

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Geography. Graduate Employability. The Urban Impact of Hallmark Events.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Have supervised 10 PhD students on a range of human geography themes

Grants & contracts

National Teaching Fellowship ( £50,000)



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted


Over 60 publications, including 4 books, 10 book chapters and 40 papers in refereed national and international journals including the following since 2000:

Chalkley,B.S. (2000) Mega sports events and tourism. Pacific Tourism Review. 4,1 (with Essex, S.J.)

Chalkley, B.S. (2000) School catchments and pupil movements: a case study in parental choice: Educational Studies, 26, 1, 33-48 (with Parsons, E, & Jones, A.)

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Chalkley, B.S. (2000) Improving students' skills through work-based learning. Geography Discipline Network, Cheltenham, for the Department of Education and Employment.

Chalkley, B.S. (2000) Learning from the Olympics. Teaching Geography, 25, 3, 112-118. (with Essex, S.J.)

Chalkley, B.S. (2002) Developing new lecturers: the case of a discipline-based workshop. Active Learning in Higher Education 3(2) 128-144 (with Clark, G. et al)

Chalkley, B.S. (2002) Il Ruolo dei Giochi Olimpici nellar trasformazione urbana. P57-76 in Olimpiadi & graudi eventi. Eds Luiti bobbio & Chito Guali. Carocci, Roma (with Essex, S.J.)

Chalkley, B.S. (2003) Environmental education in Russian universities. Journal of Geography in Higher Education (with Kadimov, N.S., Malkhazova, S.M. & romanova, E.P.)

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Chalkley, B.S. (in press) Undergraduate Expectations and postgraduation experiences of the Value of a Geography degree. Journal of Geography in Higher Education (with Gedye, S. & Fender, L.)

Chalkley, B.S. (in press) Introducing Education for Sustainable Development. Theme issue of Journal of Geography in Higher Education.

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Conference Papers
CHALKLEY BS & Essex S (2001) 'The role of the Olympic Games in urban renewal and transformation, Come può una città vincere o perdere le Olimpiadi?' Torino Incontra, Università e Politecnico di Torino and Università di Torino, Turin, Italy.


Conferences organised

Have contributed to the organisation of over 30 national conferences, principally on Geographical education