Dr Beth Moran

Dr Beth Moran

Lecturer in Social Work

School of Health Professions (Faculty of Health)

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Moran ER & Donovan Gilbert Moran Stanley Barnett Hocking BTBSSD 2013 ''Readiness of boards of trustees in non-profit and voluntary sector organisations to meet the adult care 'personalisation agenda': A case study of a single English county', Journal of Social Work, 0(0) 1-22' Journal of Social Work 1-22 , DOI
Bellinger A, Ford D & Moran B 2016 'Cultivating discretion: social work education in practice and the academy' in Bellinger A; Ford D Practice placement in social work: Innovative approaches for effective teaching and learning Policy Press
Moran ER Moran ER 0 'How do social work students make use of peer support in practice placements?: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis'
Moran B Moran B 0 'Personalisation.... It's social work - but not as we know it!'
Moran B & Ford D Moran B & Ford D 0 'Rights and Citizenship'
Skills for Care Skills for Care 0 'We're helping to improve social work: the personalisation agenda, developing knowledge and skills on the social work degree'