Dr Benjamin Ciotti

Dr Benjamin Ciotti

Lecturer in Marine Biology

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Lecturer in Marine Biology

Programme Leader for BSc Marine Biology

I am an ecologist and physiologist who focuses in particular on wild populations of juvenile fishes


  • PhD (2012) University of Delaware
  • BSc (2002) University of Liverpool (1st class honours)

Roles on external bodies

Co-chair of ICES Working Group on the Value of Coastal Habitats for Exploited Species.

Expert group for "Essential Fish Habitats", Natural England Research Report May 2022.



Teaching interests

I teach on a range modules focusing on the biology, physiology and ecology of marine organisms, especially relating to fishes. I lead field courses in Portugal and local habitats.

Current modules
  • Introduction to Marine Biology (MBIO120)
  • Marine Biology Field Course (MBIO123)
  • Experimental Marine Biology Field Course (MBIO226)
  • Biology of Marine Organisms (MBIO228)
  • Methods in Marine Biology (MBIO223)
  • Personal Research (MBIO313)
  • Fish and Fisheries (MBIO363)
  • Masters dissertation projects (MBAM5109, MAR 524)



Research interests

I take a broad, integrative approach to reveal variation in the performance of marine organisms in nature. My approach builds on physiological fundamentals, modern molecular tools, field surveys, laboratory experiments and statistical analysis to address contemporary ecological concerns.

A major focus of my research is on the development and application of new biochemical and molecular tools to characterize variation in physiological performance in situ. In particular I am applying RNA-based indices to evaluate the importance of coastal areas as nursery habitats for juvenile fishes. Similarly, I am using molecular markers to elucidate long-term impacts of environmental change on physiological and immune performance in crustaceans.

I conduct extensive field work throughout the Southwest UK to understand how abundance and physiological performance of juvenile fishes varies among shallow inshore habitats in relation to environmental variables. I couple field surveys with analysis of long term data sets to better understand determinants of recruitment processes in fish populations.

I work closely with fisheries and conservations bodies in providing scientific knowledge to support policy and management measures such as reference size limits and Essential Fish Habitat.

Grants & contracts

FISH INTEL Fisheries innovation for sustainable shared interchannel resources (Interreg) 2021 - 2023: https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/research/marine-conservation-research-group/fish-intel-interreg

A Pack Atmosphere Support System for Live Crabs/Shellfish Species During Road Transported and Air-freighted Distribution (Seafood Innovation Fund) 2021 - 2022.

JHaM-Cam: Novel video technology for identifying Essential Fish Habitat (MMO) 2021 - 2022.

Novel video technology for measuring natural capital within essential fish habitat in inshore ecosystems (Natural England) 2022.

Capacity building for the development of a novel Marine Monitoring and Forecasting System (MaMoFS) to support sustainability of deep sea fisheries in the Indian Ocean (Global Challenges Research Fund) 2020

Developing Interdisciplinary research on impacts of sandscaping schemes (Higher Education Initiative Fund Award) 2019

Identifying important flatfish nursery areas and their physical attributes: safeguarding the habitats that sustain fisheries (Seale-Hayne Educational Trust) 2019

Development of sustainable abalone ranching in South Africa (Global Challenges Research Fund) 2018



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

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