Dr Benjamin Ciotti

Dr Benjamin Ciotti

Lecturer in Marine Biology

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Lecturer in Marine Biology


PhD (2012) University of Delaware

BSc (2002) University of Liverpool (1st class honours)

Teaching interests

Physiology and behaviour of marine animals
Coastal ecology
Fish biology and fisheries
Molecular biology
Experimental design and statistics
Statistical computing
Field techniques in marine biology

Research interests

I take a broad, integrative approach to reveal variation in the performance of marine organisms in nature. My approach builds on physiological fundamentals, modern molecular tools, field surveys, laboratory experiments and statistical analysis to address contemporary ecological concerns.

A major focus of my research is on the development and application of new biochemical and molecular tools to characterize variation in physiological performance in situ. For example, I am applying RNA-based indices to evaluate the importance of coastal areas as nursery habitats for juvenile fishes. Similarly, I am using molecular markers to elucidate long-term impacts of environmental change on physiological and immune performance in crustaceans.

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