Ms Avril Bellinger

Ms Avril Bellinger

Honorary Associate Professor in Social Work

School of Health Professions (Faculty of Health)



Honorary Fellowship, University of Plymouth
Elder in Residence, UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration through Languages and the Arts (RILA), University of Glasgow,avrilbellinger
2013 Retired - Honorary contract for teaching and research
Independent volunteer with 2004
Social Work Practice Learning Co-Ordinator
Founder of Students and Refugees Together (START)
Core member of the Centre for Excellence in Professional Placement Learning (CEPPL)
Fellow of the Centre for Sustainable Futures (CSF)


2017 European Citizens Prize
National Teaching Fellowship 2008
MA Womens Studies (Distinction)

Professional membership

Registered Social WorkerBritish Association of Social Workers (BASW) 

Roles on external bodies

British Journal of Social Work reviewer


Teaching interests

My particular area of interest is in promoting reflective and analytical learning through practice and seeking to influence the development of theory through transformational practice.


Research interests

As a feminist and Social Work academic, my research interests and activities are concerned with analysis of the consequences of power inequalities and with exploring practices that promote the interests of oppressed groups and individuals. These include developing anti-racist practice standards, creative autobiography and mental health, service user research and using a strengths approach in work with refugees and asylum seekers.
Specific current research interests include: sustainability issues in social work; pedagogical practices; practice learning for globally situated social work.

Creative practice & artistic projects

Founder of  Students and Refugees Together (START). 


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Reports & invited lectures

Bellinger, A. (2024) 'Practising Social Work in Challenging Times: How the strengths approach can help' Invited Keynote to Buen Vivir: Shared Future for Transformative Change, International Conference of Social Work, University of Tehran Counselling Centre, Iran. (online) 27th February, 2024.
Bellinger, A. (2024) 'Dis-Integration: Reflections on the legal, policy and practical challenges resulting from the UK's withdrawal from the European Union' Invited presentation to the International Scientific Conference 'Transformation in the Transition Period: European Integration and the Eastern Partnership Initiative' , Georgian National University SEU, Tbilisi, Georgia. 8th February 2024
Bellinger, A. (2023) 'There's Always Something You Can Do: Migration, climate change and homelessness' Invited presentation to the British Psychological Society Southwest Branch Seminar, Homelessness and Climate Harm, 26th September 2023.
Bellinger, A. (2023) 'A Social Justice Model: Teaching Social Work in a Hostile Environment' Presentation to Social Work and the Sea Symposium, University of Plymouth, UK. 22nd-23rd June 2023.Bellinger, A. and Ford, D. (2023) ‘Growing Community: Reclaiming our lost commons’, Invited keynote to The Arts of Integrating Culture Ceilidh, UNESCO RILA Spring School, University of Glasgow 9th – 11th May 2023
Bellinger, A and Ford, D. (2023) Solution or Problem: A Social Work View of UK Forced Migration Law and Policy, The International Scientific Conference ‘European Experience of Migration – Approaches, Challenges and Opportunities’ February 9-10th 2023, Georgian National University SEU, Tbilisi.
Bellinger, A. (2023) ‘Practising Hope: There’s always something we can do, Invited paper to ‘No Health Without Planetary Health’the Online Interprofessional study day organised by the University of Exeter Doctorate in Clinical Psychology programme, 26th April, 2023.
Bellinger, A. (2022) The Strengths Approach in Practice: How it changes lives, Invited paper to the 3rd Annual Compassion in Healthcare Education Online Global Conference, 14th December 2022.
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Refereed Conference papers 
Butler, A & Ford, D (2006) ‘A Contradiction in Terms: Providing a needs-led service through outcome driven funding.’ International Schools of Social Work Conference, Santiago de Chile.
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