Dr Atul Mishra

Dr Atul Mishra

Lecturer in Strategic Management (Education)

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Programme Manager : MSc International Business     

                   MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management

Module Leader: STO 205 An Introduction to International Business
             STO 708 International Business Context and Finance
             STO700A International Business Environment

Regional tutor to 2 students on industrial placement.

Personal tutor to 21 students

PhD supervisor : As Director of Studies - 6 students
               As second supervisor - 3 students


PGCE  2003 University of Plymouth Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

PhD    2002 University of Reading (Startup and survival of rural nonfarm activities)
MA     1987 Jawaharlal Nehru University India Economics
BA (Hons) 1985 Delhi University         India Economics

Professional membership

Member, Development Studies Association

Member, International Council for Small Business

Life member, Indian Council of Labour Economics



Teaching interests

Development Finance

International Business,

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy in China and India

Corporate Strategy in Emerging markets

Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics

Economics: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Development Economics



Research interests

Start-up and survival :Rural Non-farm activities

Microfinance and Microenterprise Entrepreneurship


Key publications

Key publications are highlighted


Papers submitted in 2019

Igwe, P and Mishra, A. African Rural Institutional Dynamics,Entrepreneurship and Pattern of Income Diversification (JOIE-2019-098) Journal of Institutional Economics.

Igwe, P and Mishra, A. “Determinants of EntrepreneurialDecisions of Farm Business Owners and Patterns of Rural Households’ Income(ISB-19-0136) International SmallBusiness Journal

Vimal Kumar, Pratima Verma,Sachin K Mangla, Atul Mishra, Yu-Hsin Chang“Human and Operational focusedbarriers to Total Quality Management for Sustainability in Indian Organizations”Journal of Cleaner Production.

2014 “Microfinance- Supporting Micro and Small Enterprises” in Harrison and Estelami (ed) Routledge companion to Financial services Marketing, Routledge.

2013 "Rural Non-Farm Enterprises and the Role of Government Credit Policy", Social & Public Policy Review, 7, 2, pp. 23-422012 (Book) Start up and Survival of Rural Non-farm activities: An essay on the emergence of entrepreneurship. Lambert Academic Publishers

2010 On Bank governance in Developing Countries: The Case of Egypt M. Karim Sorour; Kerry E. Howell; Atul Mishra Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics Forthcoming (Vol. 24. No.1)

2008 “Internationalisation of Indian IT and Software firms” (with Dr. Suma Athreye, Brunel Business School)

2005 Entrepreneurial Motivations in Start-up and Survival of Micro- and Small Enterprises in the Rural Non-Farm Economy Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Vol.18 no.3/July 2005

2005 Enhancing microfinance outreach through market-oriented new service development in Indian regional rural banks International Journal of Bank Marketing Vol.23 no.1/2005

2003 Emergence of entrepreneurship in the rural non-farm economy – Topic of the month in the DfES Web journal www.developing-management.com

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Kumar V, Verma P, Mangla SK, Mishra A, Chowdhary D, Sung CH & Lai KK (2020) 'Barriers to Total Quality Management for sustainability in Indian organizations' International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management 37, (6/7) 1007-1031 , DOI
Mishra A (2012) 'Rural Non-Farm Enterprises and the Role of Government Credit Policy' Social and Public Policy Review 7, (2)
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Mishra A (2012) Start-up and Survival of Rural Non-farm Activities: An Essay on the Emergence of Entrepreneurship. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Mishra A, Igwe P, Lean J & Megicks P (2014) 'Microfinance: Supporting micro and small enterprises' The Routledge Companion to Financial Services Marketing 423-438 , DOI


Reports & invited lectures

ESG School of Management, Paris. MSc in International Business; Lectures on Corporate Social Responsibility April 3-5 2014

Visiting Lecturer, University of Bath School of Management (February 2012 – July 2012) Invited to conduct two courses a. An advanced undergraduate course on Strategy in China and India and b. A postgraduate course on Strategy in Emerging markets.

Adjunct Professor, W.P.Carey School of Business, Arizona State University USA (2003-04) This was under an exchange programme where I taught International Business in the summer schools of 2003 and 2004.

University of Reading MSc in Development Finance: 4 Lectures on Microfinance. Every year since 2009. Foundation for Liberal and Management Education (FLAME) 2008 August 2008 two weeks: Lectures in International Business