Dr Asiya Khan

Dr Asiya Khan

Associate Professor of Multimedia Communication and Intelligent Control

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



  • Dr Asiya Khan is the Associate Head for Teaching and Learning in the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (2019-Date). 
  • She was the EDI Lead for School of Engineering from 2016-19 and led the School to a successful Athena SWAN Bronze award. 
  • She was the Stage II tutor from 2017-2020. She is a member of the Autonomous Marine Systems research group.
  • Athena SWAN panelist 2017-Date


  • PhD in Quality of Experience (QoE) of video over wireless/UMTs networks prediction and control, University of Plymouth (2011)
  • PGCAP, Plymouth University (2016)
  • PGCert , Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) 500, University of Plymouth
  • MSc in Communications, Control and Digital Signal Processing, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (1993)
  • BEng (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Glasgow, Glasgow (1992)


  • University of Plymouth - Associate Lecturer Demonstrator - Various Control Engineering modules, Foundation Numerical Techniques and Introduction to Computer Systems (2007-2015)
  • University of Plymouth - Research Assistant - Perceptual Quality of Service, School of Computing and Mathematics, Plymouth University (2008-2010)
  • British Telecoms PLC - Worked in various management positions (1994-2002).

Professional membership

CEng, MIET, IEEE - member


Roles on external bodies

TPC member IEEE WiMob 2016, 2017 & 2018
TPC member IARIA conference , 2010 
Athena SWAN panelist 

Reviewer for:
Journal of Marine Engineering & Technology
IEEE Wireless Communication Magazine
Multimedia Systems
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.
IET Image Processing
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks
IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing
QoMEX Conference Melbourne Australia
WPMC Conference Brest, France
QoMEX Conference Mechelin Belgium
Special issue on ‘Video communications over wireless networks, IET Journal on Communication.
Special issue on 'Quality of Experience issues in Multimedia Provision' of the Telecommunications Journal.

Editors to Special issue: Dr Abayomi Otebolaku, Professor Gyu Myoung Lee,  Professor Edward Meinert, Dr Asiya Khan and Dr Gloria Iyawa

A special issue of Electronics (ISSN 2079-9292). This special issue belongs to the section "Computer Science & Engineering".

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 September 2021.

Please click the following link https://www.mdpi.com/journal/electronics/special_issues/IOTHC

Co-chair of Local Organising Committee for Control 2022 




Teaching interests

Final stage module - Systems, Instrumentation and Control (Cont316)(ML)
Final stage module - Control and Intelligent Systems Design (Cont317) (ML)
First stage module - Professional Practice for Civil Engineers (CIVL103)
Foundation stage module Robotics/Electronics (ROCO051/ELEC051) (ML)
MSc module - Introduction to Autonomous Systems (MECH554)

Supervision of numerous Undergraduate and MSc projects 
Interactive teaching using Turning Point technology



Research interests

My research expertise is in multimedia quality of service/experience (QoS/QoE) monitoring, prediction and control over wireless access networks. Specific areas include:

  • Modelling of multimedia quality using artificial intelligence (AI) and regression modelling
  • Subjective video quality evaluation i
  • Mapping of network (e.g. PER, delay, jitter, etc) and application (e.g. frame rate, send bitrate) parameters to perceived QoS
  • Control/Adaptation of video quality using fuzzy logic, neural networks or ANFIS (neuro-fuzzy systems)
  • Control of autonomous vehicles on land, surface, underwater and aerial
  • IoT, wireless sensor networks
  • Image processing and analysis
  • Digital health - application of AI in digital health
  • Gender under-representation in engineering

Other research

Member of Autonomous Marine Systems (AMS) research group

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Fourth supervisor for Dr Yogang Singh, "Cooperative Swarm Optimisation of Unmanned Surface Vehicles", completed 2018.

Second supervisor for Dr Asif Ali Laghari, "Monitoring and managing quality of experience in cloud computing", completed 2018.

Current PhD students

Ms Muna Al-Saadi, "Optimising Flow Routing Using Network Performance Analysis"
Mr Simon Weait, "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Extreme Environment Operations Using Heat Resistant Ceramic Coated & Sustainable Fused Deposition Modeled Materials" 
Mr Benjamin Green, "Human-Robot Teaming for Long-Term Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of Offshore Renewable Energy Devices"

Grants & contracts

  • KTP awarded 2019-2020 (co-I) with AB Precision, Poole - £183,271
  • EU ERDF project EPIC2 (co-I) 2020-23 (~£3.3 million)
  • EU ERDF project Marine-i (co-I) 2020-22 (~6.8 million) 
  • SoEng small research grant 2017-18 £2500
  • SoENG travel grant 2017-18 £1000
  • PedRIO T & L grant 2017-18 £6500
  • SoMSE small Research Grant 2016-17 £2500
  • SoMSE Small teaching Grant 2016-17 £3000
  • Santander Seed-corn Research Grant 2016-17 £5000 on Demonstrating V2V Connectivity
  • RAENG Travel Grant ICC 2010 Conference £1,000
  • CEPPL Travel Grant Mobimedia Conference 2009 £600
  • RAENG Travel Grant ICC 2009 Conference £1,000
  • Best paper award ICAS 2009
  • Publications


    Key publications

    Key publications are highlighted

    Milne-Ives M, Fraser L, Khan A, Walker D, van Velthoven MH, May J, Wolfe I, Harding T & Meinert E (2022) 'Life.course digital T.wins – I.ntelligent M.onitoring for E.arly and continuous intervention and prevention (LifeTIME): Proposal for a proof-of-concept study' JMIR Research Protocols 11, (5) , DOI Open access
    Nordin MH, Sharma S, Khan A, Gianni M, Rajendran S & Sutton R (2022) 'Collaborative Unmanned Vehicles for Inspection, Maintenance, and Repairs of Offshore Wind Turbines' Drones 6, (6) , DOI Open access
    Khan A, Milne-Ives M, Meinert E, Iyawa GE, Jones RB & Josephraj AN (2022) 'A Scoping Review of Digital Twins in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic' Biomedical Engineering and Computational Biology 13, 117959722211021-117959722211021 , DOI
    Mounsey A, Khan A & Sharma S (2021) 'Deep and Transfer Learning Approaches for Pedestrian Identification and Classification in Autonomous Vehicles' Electronics 10, (24) 3159-3159 , DOI Open access
    Iyawa GE, Dansharif AR & Khan A (2021) 'Mobile apps for self-management in pregnancy: a systematic review' Health and Technology 11, (2) 283-294 , DOI Open access
    Raj ANJ, Zhu H, Khan A, Zhuang Z, Yang Z, Mahesh VGV & Karthik G (2021) 'ADID-UNET—a segmentation model for COVID-19 infection from lung CT scans' PeerJ Computer Science 7, Publisher Site , DOI Open access
    Singh Y, Bibuli M, Zereik E, Sharma S, Khan A & Sutton R (2020) 'A Novel Double Layered Hybrid Multi-Robot Framework for Guidance and Navigation of Unmanned Surface Vehicles in a Practical Maritime Environment' Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 8, (9) 624-624 , DOI Open access
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    Conference Papers
    Calcroft M & Khan A (2022) 'LiDAR-based Obstacle Detection and Avoidance for Autonomous Vehicles using Raspberry Pi 3B' 2022 UKACC 13th International Conference on Control (CONTROL) 4-/-0/20224-/-0/2022IEEE , DOI
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    Reports & invited lectures

    ICE Inclusivity event 2016

    Member QUALINET (http://www.qualinet.eu/) - European Network on Quality of Experience in Multimedia Systems and Services

    QUALINET QoE-NET Summer School - invited guest lecture 2016

    UK Robotics public engagement event - organising committee - 2017-2018

    Soapbox Science Plymouth 2019

    Female engineering South West event - organising committee (led by UWE Bristol) - 2019

    Athena SWAN panelist 2017-Date

    Conferences organised

    co-organiser of the Control 2020 Conference 6-8 July 2020