Dr Anne Plessis

Dr Anne Plessis

Lecturer in Plant Biosciences

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Lecturer in Plant BiosciencesBSc Biological Sciences programme leader


2012–2015 Post-doctoral Associate, New York University
2010–2012 Post-doctoral Associate, INRA, Clermont-Ferrand, France
2009–2010 Post-doctoral Associate, INRA, Versailles, France
2005–2008 PhD, Analysis and mapping of Arabidopsis thaliana mutants affected in water deficit tolerance, INRA , Versailles, France
2004–2005 MSc, Plant Biology, AgroParisTech, France
2001–2005 Engineer degree course, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France


Teaching interests

BIOL119Z Introduction to BiologyBIOL130Z Biological Sciences Field Biology (module leader) 
BIOL133Z Principles of Physiology
BIOL233Z Biological Sciences Field Course
BIOL235Z Plant Ecophysiology (module leader)
BIOL301Z Plant Biotechnology
BIOL321Z Pharmacalogy and Natural Products
BIO5131 Postgraduate Skills and Methods


Research interests

Understanding plant responses to abiotic stresses under field conditionshttps://www.plymouth.ac.uk/research/ecophysiology-and-development-research-group/plant-ecophysiology


Plessis A, Ravel C, Risacher T, Duchateau N, Dardevet M, Merlino M, Torney F and Martre P. (2023) Storage protein activator controls grain protein accumulation in bread wheat in a nitrogen dependent manner. Scientific Reports, 13(1), p.22736.

Plessis, A. Abiotic stress experiments need a reality check to improve translation to the field. (2023) Journal of Experimental Botany 74, 1741-1744 

Plessis A, Hafemeister C, Wilkins O, Gonzaga ZJ, Meyer RS, Pires I, Muller C, Septiningsih E, Bonneau R, Purugganan MD. (2015) Multiple abiotic stimuli are integrated in the regulation of rice gene expression under field conditions. eLife 4

Dai Z, Plessis A, Vincent J, Duchateau N, Besson A, Dardevet M, Prodhomme D, Gibon Y, Hilbert G, Pailloux M, Ravel C, Martre P. (2015) A temporal analysis of the effect of nitrogen and sulfur supply on wheat grain storage protein delineates several levels of transcriptional and metabolic regulation. The Plant Journal 83(2):326-343

Sechet J, Roux C, Plessis A, Effroy D, Frey A, Perreau F, Krieger-Liszkay A, Macherel D, North HM, Mireau H, Marion-Poll A. (2015) The ABA-deficiency suppressor locus HAS2encodes the PPR protein LOI1/MEF11involved in mitochondrial RNA editing. Molecular Plant

Plessis A. (2015) Smarty plants, book review of Plant Behaviour and Intelligence by Anthony Trewavas. Nature Plants 1, 15002

Plessis A, Ravel C, Bordes J, Balfourier F, Martre P. (2013) Association study of wheat grain composition reveals that glutenin and gliadin are trans-regulated by different chromosome regions. Journal of Experimental Botany 64 (12):3627-44

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Hasson A, Plessis A, Blein T, Adroher B, Grigg S, Tsiantis M, Boudaoud A, Damerval C, Laufs P. (2011) Evolution and Diverse Roles of the CUP-SHAPED COTYLEDONGenes in Arabidopsis Leaf Development. Plant Cell 23(1):54-68 

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