Dr Anita Young

Dr Anita Young

Science and Engineering School Technical Manager

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Melzer D, Gates P, Osborn NJ, Henley WE, Cipelli R, Young A, Money C, McCormack P, Schofield P & Mosedale D (2012) 'Urinary Bisphenol A Concentration and Angiography-Defined Coronary Artery Stenosis' PLoS ONE 7, (8) e43378-e43378 , DOI
Melzer D, Osborne NJ, Henley WE, Cipelli R, Young A, Money C, McCormack P, Luben R, Khaw K-T & Wareham NJ (2012) 'Urinary Bisphenol A Concentration and Risk of Future Coronary Artery Disease in Apparently Healthy Men and Women' Circulation 125, (12) 1482-1490 , DOI
Melzer D, Harries L, Cipelli R, Henley W, Money C, McCormack P, Young A, Guralnik J, Ferrucci L & Bandinelli S (2011) 'Bisphenol A Exposure Is Associated with <i>in Vivo</i> Estrogenic Gene Expression in Adults' Environmental Health Perspectives 119, (12) 1788-1793 , DOI
Young A, Pitts L, Greenfield S & Foulkes M (2003) 'A preliminary comparison of radial and axial excitation fluorescence in the ICP using non-laser sources' Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 18, (1) 44-48