Professor Angela Smith

Professor Angela Smith

Professor of Modern Literature

School of Humanities and Performing Arts (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


Reader in English


1989-92 - BA (Hons) degree in English and History - First class honours

Roehampton Institute London

1992-93 - MA in Twentieth Century Literature

University of Sussex

1993-1997 - ROEHAMPTON INSTITUTE LONDON - (1993-4 Teaching Assistantship at Roehampton)

PhD: The Great War and the Emergence of Female Modernism – awarded December 1997

1998 - SEDA accreditation as a teacher in Higher Education

University of Plymouth Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Teaching interests

War Writing Since 1914 

This third year module builds on my particular research expertise in a range of different writings of the First World War and others. It explores some of the writings of war, published in various countries since 1914, examining the texts and experiences of both men and women. The module includes a number of genres: prose fiction, poetry, life writing and film, placed within an appropriate critical framework and offers an understanding of the way writing has developed to illustrate the impact of war during the last hundred years. 

Writing War 1850-1950: The Impact of Modernity
This MA module, again drawing on my primary research interest,  explores the impact of modernity on the experience of warfare from c. 1850 to the end of the Second World War. Using a range of written records by both men and women, and examining a variety of genres the module tracks the influence of technological, social, political and cultural developments on representations of war. It examines the way in which the war impacted on society, politics, gender and culture, influencing the production of new literatures. The module is designed thematically, to explore the historical period through a range of concepts and ideas. We read the literature back through the experience of a range of wars, considering the historical contexts and the impact of literary development.
The module considers the texts through critical mediums such as historiography, new historicism and cultural materialism, the avant garde as well as through issues of value and taste and gender and sexuality. 

The Legacy of War: Fiction of the 1920s and 19230s
This MA module draws on my more recent research into war and memory in inter-war fiction and explores the impact of the experience of the First World War on literary developments of the 1920s and 1930s, with a primary focus on the novel. It examines the way in which the war impacted on society, politics and culture, influencing the production of new literatures. The module is designed thematically, to explore the historical period through a range of concepts and ideas. We will be reading the literature back through the experience of war and looking forward to the possibility of another war, even more devastating than the first.  

As well as teaching canonical Modernism, my research interest in the First World War enables me to pursue additional, perhaps unexpected strands of Modernist thought and practice.  

Literature and History
This second year module is constructed around another of my research interests that builds on my war work to examine the ways in which literature and history have intersected across the centuries. Here students explore the interface between literature and history over several centuries, focusing particularly on literary representations of 'real' events and characters. It uses a selection of key narrative theories relating to the writing of history and historical fictions to also consider the way sin which literary texts may have impacted on the writing of subsequent histories. 


Research interests

  • War Writing: I have a particular interest in literatures of the First World War, fiction, creative non-fiction, life writing and reportage all of which are represented in my published work on this topic. Also war fiction of the long twentieth century, 1914 to the present, with a particular focus on memory. I have also worked on the idea of 'alternate spaces' of war, moving beyond the most common understanding of war writing and experience to consider more marginalised impressions and perspectives. 

  • Gender and War writing, particularly the First World War. I have a particular specialism in women's writing of the First World War. Much of my published work engages with this directly. Most recently I have explored the experience of women on the Eastern Front through their writings. A specifically gendered experience unique in First World War studies. 

  • War and Memory: Relating to the ways in which war is represented and commemorated across the long twentieth century, 1914 to the present, particularly the ways in which literatures of war contribute to the development of popular and cultural memory. 

  • Discourses of the Women's Suffrage Movement. I am interested in the relationship between the campaign for women's suffrage and the First World War, as explored in my book, Suffrage Discourse in Britain During the First World War. This research is currently being applied to a major AHRC funded project to commemorate the centenary of the Representation of People Act in 1918, working with the University of Lincoln and Vote 100 at Westminster. 

  • Women and Politics in the 1919-1939. I am interested in inter-war fiction, particularly in terms of the ways in which women and politics and politicised women are represented and as part of my ongoing work on fiction and memory in the period 1919-1939. 

  • Modernism and Female Modernisms. I have written a lot about he ways in which women writers of various sorts responded to the experimentation of modernism,  making a particular connection between women's writing of the First World War and developing modernisms. 

  • Literature and History. I am looking at the interface between literature and history through the study of contemporary historical fiction. I am interested in the ways in which fiction impacts on our cultural understanding of/writing of histories.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students


Anna Trussler  on the poetry of Ronald Duncan

·      Lucy Durneen, ‘Everything beautiful is Far Away’ (Creative Writing) 

·      Mary Jacobs ’Politics and Aesthetics in the Literary Work of Sylvia Townsend Warner’.

·    Adhraa Al Shammari who is writing her PhD on the influence of First World War poetry and Modernism on the development of Iraqi war poetry of the 1980s

Grants & contracts


2017 - AHRC Follow on Funding for project 'What Difference Did the War make?' in partnership with the University of Lincoln and Vote 100 , Westminster. 

2013 - AHRC Networking Grant for 'Alternate Spaces of the Great War'. The project will run from 1/09/13 - 31/7/15 and includes partners from University of Lincoln, Queen Mary's London and Oxford Brookes.

February 2003-February 2004 AHRB funded Research leave to complete my Suffrage book. My post-leave report received the highest accreditation from the AHRB

November 2001 – The British Academy paid my expenses to speak at the North American Conference on British Studies, Toronto.

1994-7 British Academy Three Year Studentship for the completion of my PhD

1992-3 British Academy One year Studentship to fund my MA

Research groups

  • Centre for Humanities, Music and Performing Arts Research (HuMPA)
  • English and Creative Writing

Key publications are highlighted

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