Mr Andy Oxenham

Mr Andy Oxenham

Senior Technician (COAST & Light Fluids)

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Senior Technical Engineer

My role is split into 3 areas. 1: Student Module Teaching, 2:Student Dissertations, 3:Research, Design upgrades and Laboratory Maintenance

My duties consist of providing technical and practical support on Hydraulics, Fluids Coastal Engineering, and Engineering in general to students, academic staff, research engineers and educational schemes on teaching, research and final year dissertations.

My role includes preparing and teaching practical laboratory's of up to 21 modules per academic year which involves the teaching, demonstrating and supervising complex specialized machinery & equipment to students, academics and other professional staff. I liaise with academic staff in planning and prioritizing these module timetables along with managing the day to day running of the new COAST Marine facility at Plymouth University. 

I timetable and manage up to 40 final year dissertation students per academic year, helping the students and researchers with guidance, advice and formative assessments through their dissertations.I design and manufacture various precision models for these final year dissertations and research and then carry these designs/models forward and manage the testing procedures that the students take on.

I'm involved with recruitment and school educational programs, including technical support, teaching, manufacturing and presenting visual aids and overseeing activities.


An accomplished, time served engineer, able to adapt to a varied range of tasks in a professional and efficient manner.

 The nature of the work and industries I have worked in has given me valuable experience of working to a high standard within varied time scales. It has also enabled me to cross over into various fields, enhancing my knowledge and communicative skills whilst taking on further responsibilities.

I am confident working in both an autonomous or team role, and have strong interpersonal skills.

Four Year Indentured Apprenticeship as a Toolmaker with additional City & Guilds / B Tech qualifications

Quality & Design Engineer  Quality Assurance 743

Refrigeration Engineer

Professional membership

Associate Fellow - The Higher Education Academy