Mr Andrew Hunt

Mr Andrew Hunt

Associate Head of School (Undergraduate)

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Associate Head of School (Undergraduate) Plymouth Business School

Andrew Hunt is a Lecturer in Economics. He is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has been Certified as Management and Business Educator by the Chartered Association of Business Schools.

Andrew’s current teaching includes undergraduate and postgraduate provision in areas such as Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Economic Perspectives and Public Policy.

Andrew joined Plymouth University in 2011 having previously held research and lecturing positions at Durham and Northumbria Universities. Andrew’s research interests include regional economic modelling & accounting.

Andrew has undertaken research and consultancy for a widerange of organisations including the North East and North West Development agencies, the Department for Education, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Tyne and Wear City Region and various local government organisations. Much of this research has involved the development of bespoke economic modelling tools to address specific research questions, for example the economic impact of the public sector cuts outlined the Comprehensive Spending Review upon the North East of England, the wider economic benefits of moving households out of fuel poverty and the commercial property demands generated by economic development scenarios.

He is currently an external examiner for BSc Business Analytics and BSc Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics (MORSE) at Lancaster University. He has also acted as an external examiner for the Economics department at the University of the West of Scotland and the University of Plymouth.  


B.A. (Hons) Business and Financial Economics (First Class 1994)
PG Cert Academic Practice (2003)
M.A. Economics (1998)

Roles on external bodies

Fellow of Higher Education Academy (in recognition of attainment against the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and learning support in higher education).



Teaching interests

Economic Modelling

International Economics

Staff serving as external examiners

Department of Economics. University of the West of Scotland



Research interests

Regional Economic Development and Modelling

Grants & contracts

(2006 onwards)

Hunt, A (2010) Regional Employment and Skills Demands: Scenarios from the Future Employment and Skills Model. Report for the Employment and Skills Team, One North East

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Hunt, A and Roberts, J (2008) A  Regional Analysis of Productivity in Business Services: Implications for the UK Knowledge  Economy.    Paper presented at the  DIME International Workshop Reconsidering the Regional Knowledge Economy.  4th-5th September 2008, Newcastle University Business School.

Hunt, A and D. Mell (2007) Regional Economic Accounts as a Regional Information System. Presented at the British Urban and Regional Information Systems (BURISA) Annual Conference 8th June (Royal Statistical Society, London).

 Hunt, A (2006) Assessing the contribution of the North East of England’s University Sector to the Local Economy: An Input-Output Approach . Paper presented at the EcoMod International Conference on Urban and Regional Modelling 1st – 3rdJune (Free University, Brussels).  Published in the conference proceedings.