Mr Andrew Edwards-Jones

Mr Andrew Edwards-Jones

Associate Lecturer

Doctoral College

Mr Andrew Edwards-Jones can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • Qualitative research
  • Research-informed teaching
  • Pedagogic research
  • Undergraduate research
  • Student journals
  • Nvivo


Associate Lecturer: I have a recurring contract to deliver introductory and user group workshop sessions to postgraduate students and research staff on NVivo Qualitative Data Analysis Software. 

Formerly an inter-disciplinary Research Assistant, I worked on various education research projects spanning a number of different Faculties and Departments within Plymouth University.

I carried out research and development work on, and around, The Plymouth Student Scientist, an e-journal providing opportunities for undergraduates to publish and disseminate their research work. I also provided a journal management and editorial role for the journal on behalf of the Faculty of Science & Engineering.

I was part of the evaluation team for the Natural Connections Demonstration Project, hosted by the Institute of Education and funded by DEFRA, Natural England and English Heritage. This innovative three-year project aimed to increase the number of school-aged children experiencing the full range of benefits that come from school-based learning in their local natural environments.

Other previous research projects include: perceptions of staff and students during the first years of coastal academy schools; analysing the experiences of students participating in undergraduate research conferences; student employability issues and initiatives associated with a Marine Sports Science module; identifying risks to research-informed teaching (an interdisciplinary study); analysis of HE in FE teacher perceptions of academic writing development initiatives; the evaluation of a new bioscience undergraduate final year project module that aimed to enhance graduate employability; opportunities for assessment during primary school outdoor education activities; and identifying strategies adopted by science education students when tackling a problem-based learning exercise.

Other roles undertaken since 2008:
Digital Officer within Academic Partnerships, for which I created a website for the partnership organisation, the Association for the Collaborative Provision of Higher Education in England (ACP) (2014).

Partnership Development Fellow within the Academic Partnership team, undertaking research and development work around the areas of student transition and scholarly activity within university partner colleges (2013).

Research & Development Officer within the former Directorate of Teaching & Learning, as part of the Educational Development team, involving data collection for the centrally coordinated Research-informed Teaching Scheme, as well as using the CMS to create dedicated web pages for the scheme (2010/11). 



Associate Fellow, Higher Education Academy (AFHEA), 2017.

MSc Biological Diversity, University of Plymouth, 2005.

Professional Qualification in Housing, University of the West of England, 1997.

BSc Combined Studies - Geology (major), Gravitational Astronomy (minor), University of Plymouth (then Plymouth Polytechnic), 1985.


My career has involved several significant changes in direction. Following my first degree, a change in priorities saw me entering local government and pursuing a career, first in housing estate management, and latterly in housing needs. A career change in 2004 led to a voluntary return to higher education to complete a masters degree with a view to attempting to forge a second career within a research environment. My current role has enabled me to learn and apply new research methods, including qualitative techniques and analysis, and develop new skills, such as journal publication and editorial work.

My unusual mix of background and qualifications may appear confusing, but it has led to a fairly unique set of skills and experiences that reflect a broad range of situations, circumstances and connections. 

Professional membership

Chartered Institute of Housing

Roles on external bodies

Steering Group member for the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR) 



Teaching interests

Associate Lecturer: I have a recurring contract to deliver introductory and user group workshop sessions to postgraduate students and research staff on NVivo Qualitative Data Analysis Software.



Research interests

Current research interests include outdoor learning in primary and secondary education, pedagogic research, research-informed teaching, linking teaching and research, mainstreaming undergraduate research and enhancement of student learning.

Grants & contracts

I have been employed as the Research Assistant on the following projects (* indicates named applicant):


stereotyping and .

2017. University of Plymouth PedRio award £3,540.20. A University for All Ages: an exploration of age stereotyping and unconscious bias and its impact on the student experience. Literature review (M. Lavelle, J. Haynes, C. Gristy). 

2016. University of Plymouth. Researchers-in-Residence project evaluation (S. Waite, L. La Velle, B. Gompertz)

2016. University of Plymouth. Moor Health & Wellbeing - evaluation of Dartmoor National Park's Naturally Healthy programme, and Exmoor National Park's Moor to Enjoy programme (S. Waite & S. Howes). 

2016-17. Nuffield Foundation. Integrated Group Reading Project data collection (B. Norwich, J. Stebbing & G. Koutsouris; University of Exeter).

2016. Erasmus+ collaboration project. The University of the Federal Employment Agency (Germany); Zab Consult (Germany); Hochschule fir Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nurtingen-Geislingen (Germany); The Applied Vocational Psychology and Policy Research Unit (Luxembourg); University of Plymouth; University of Macerata (Italy); Infoart (Bulgaria). PrevDrop: Detecting and Preventing Drop out from Higher Education or Supporting Students to Switch Successfully to VET (J. Quinn).

2016. Erasmus+ collaboration project €258,930. University of Plymouth; Galicia Supercomputing Centre (CESGA) (Spain); O Cruce School, Galicia (Spain); Centre of Information Technologies in Education (CITE) (Lithuania); VIA University College (Denmark). PhenoloGIT spacial data analysis & mobile learning for schools (L. La Velle).

2016. Erasmus+ collaboration project. Conselleria de Educacion, Xunta de Galicia (Spain); Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Spain); H2 Learning (Ireland); Kauno Technologijus Universitetas; University of Plymouth. Teachers' CPD: Qualified Teachers = Successful Learners. September 2014 - August 2016 (L. La Velle & J. Georgeson).

2015-16. University of Exeter. Lesson Study project data collection and mixed methods analysis (B. Norwich).

2015. University of Plymouth. Coastal Academies longitudinal study (T. Ovenden-Hope & R. Passy)

2015. University of Plymouth SERIO. Various projects (A. Hocking).

2014. University of Plymouth Institute of Education. Beyond Natural Connections - qualitative analysis of school case study visits (S. Waite & R. Passy).

2014. University of Plymouth PedRio & Educational Development. Student experiences of undergraduate research conferences (P. Kneele, H. Walkington & J. Hill) 

2014. University of Plymouth Institute of Education. Coastal Academies longitudinal study (T. Ovenden-Hope & R. Passy).

2014. HEA Social Sciences. Supporting Research Methods Teaching in College Higher Education. Academic Partnerships (C. Gray, J. Swain, C. Sutton, R. Turner).

2012. DEFRA, Natural England and English Heritage funding. The Natural Connections Demonstration Project (S. Waite & R. Passy) 

2012. University of Plymouth Teaching Fellowship Award £3, 557.20. Increasing student’s awareness of their employability: An impact evaluation of embedding careers education across marine sport programmes (E. Beaumont & S. Gedye).

2012. University of Plymouth PedRIO Award £8,298. The Application of Writing as Method of Inquiry and Pedagogic Practice: the promotion and enhancement of teaching, learning, research and scholarly activity within a framework of continuing professional development. (K. Gale, R. Turner & L. McKenzie).

2011, University of Plymouth PedRIO Award £18, 035. Risk Management in Research-informed Teaching: An interdisciplinary enquiry (K. Gresty, W. Pan & T. Heffernan).

2011. University of Plymouth Faculty of Education Innovation and Research Committee funding. Putting the I into Identity: investigating the use of writing groups to develop research practices (R. Turner & T. Brown).

2011. University of Plymouth Teaching Fellowship Award £3,700. Supporting student transition regarding e-portfolios for personal development planning (J. Pearce & G. Titley).

2010. University of Plymouth Faculty of Education Innovation & Research Committee funding. Assessment of learning outdoors (O. Kelly & S Waite).

2009. HEA UK Physical Sciences Centre Development Project £4,300. Trial and error or strategically formulated plan? How our novice and expert students approach problem solving in chemistry (O. Kelly & J. Lovatt). 

2009, University of Plymouth TQEF Award £10,000. Embedding and disseminating good practice using the Plymouth e-journals (K. Gresty, A. Edwards, O. Kelly & C. Pettinger).*


2008, HEA Centre for Bioscience Departmental Teaching Enhancement Award, £9,087. Enhancing Final Year Projects: A stakeholder perspective (K.Gresty & A. Edwards).*


2008, University of Plymouth TQEF Award £13, 969 for the development of two new Plymouth Student e-journals (a research-informed teaching project).(Karen Gresty, Ray Jones, Orla Kelly & Andrew Edwards).*


2007, University of Plymouth TQEF Award £55,000 for a Faculty of Science e-journal to promote student research involvement and research-informed teaching. The Plymouth Student Scientist can be accessed at (K. Gresty, K. Kingston, T.Auburn & A. Edwards).



Peer-reviewed papers

  • Norwich, B., Fujita, T., Adlam, A., Milton, F. & Edwards-Jones, A. (2018) Lesson study: an inter-professional collaboration approach for Educational Psychologists to improve teaching and learning, Educational Psychology in Practice, DOI: 10.1080/02667363.2018.1468733
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Gresty, K. A. & Edwards-Jones, A. (2012). The Plymouth Student Scientist: an undergraduate research e-journal.  In: D. A. Hart (ed), How to...Start an Undergraduate Research Journal: 81-84. Council on Undergraduate Research, Washington, DC.

Gresty, K. A. & Edwards-Jones, A. (2012) 
Experiencing research-informed teaching from the student perspective: Insights from developing an undergraduate e-journal. British Journal of Educational Technology 43 (1) pp. 153-162.

Other peer-reviewed publications
Edwards-Jones, A. (2014) Book review: Qualitative data analysis with NVIVO. Journal of Education for Teaching, 40 (2) pp. 193-195. DOI: 10.1080/02607476.2013.866724

Conference Presentations

Edwards-Jones,A., Hattam, C., Goh, H.C., Moh, H.H., Then, A.Y., Ruslan, N.F.N. & Yap, J.S.E. (2018) Do mangroves really matter to local coastal communities? A stakeholder perspective from the Klang Islands, Malaysia. Paper presentation at the Society and the Sea Conference: The values of the ocean and coasts for sustainable development. Greenwich Maritime Centre, London, 6-7 September.

Waite, S., Howes, S. and Edwards-Jones, A. (2018)How does being outdoors affect our health and well-being? Evidence from the Moor Health & Wellbeingproject. Dartmoor Research Day, Dartmoor National Park, Bovey Tracey, UK, 17 July.

Khan,A., Pemberton, R., Schoenborn, P., Honey, S. and Edwards-Jones, A. (2018)Delivering Impact via Student Research: sharing best practice. 7th Annual PEDRIO conference, 20April.

Howes, S., Edwards-Jones, A. & Waite, S. (2017) Moor Health and Wellbeing: National Parks as Rehabilitation Resources. Sustainable Earth Conference. University of Plymouth, 29-30 June.

Edwards-Jones, A. (2017) Using Geographical Information Technology to capture phenological phenomena in European schools: The PhenoloGIT Project. Geography Teacher Educators Conference, Jury's Inn, Plymouth, 27 January.  

La Velle, L., Georgeson, J., Ceponis, E. & Edwards-Jones, A. (2016) Geographical and mobile information technologies and phenology in European schools: State of the art. Poster presentation at ERIDOB (European Researchers in Didactics of Biology) Conference. Karlstad University, Sweden, 5-9 September.

Georgeson, J., La Velle, L., Edwards-Jones, A. & Blandon, C. (2016) Teachers' reflections on professional development during an online international course to promote teaching for 21st century learning: a comparative analysis. ECER 2016: Leading Education - The Distinct Contributions of Educational Research and Researchers. University College Dublin, 22-26 August. 

La Velle, L., Georgeson, J. & Edwards-Jones, A. (2016) Erasmus+ Project – ENTELS: recontextualising and repurposing international online CPD courses for teachers. Digital Learning Conference: Technology, Practice and Policy. Plymouth University, 29 June.

Edwards-Jones, A. (2015) Learning from the Natural Connections Demonstration Project Case Studies. Natural Connections Key Findings Conference. Plymouth University, 12 November.

Edwards-Jones, A., Kneale, P., Walkington, H. & Hill, J. (2015) Using the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) to map student skills gained from transformative undergraduate research conference experiences. Paper presentation at the Centre for Recording Achievement's (CRA) Fourth International Seminar: Researching and Evaluating Recording Achievement, Personal Development Planning and e-portfolios. Plymouth University, 16-17 April.

Edwards-Jones, A., Stevens, S., Gray, C., Sutton, C., Turner, R. & Swain, J. (2014) Mode 2 and beyond - the ownership of research and knowledge. Paper presentation at the HEA Social Sciences Conference, Teaching forward: the future of the Social Sciences, Birmingham, 21-22 May 2014.

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Available at

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Gilchrist, M., Passy, R., Waite, S., Blackwell, I., Edwards-Jones, A., Lewis, J. & Hunt, A. (2017) Natural Connections Demonstration Project 2012-2016: Analysis of the key evaluation questions. Natural England Commissioned Reports, Numbers 215 Annex 1 Parts 1-3. York. Available at:

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Gresty, K., Kingston, K., Auburn, T. & Edwards-Jones, A. (2009) ‘The Plymouth Student Scientist’:  An e-journal vehicle to support the research process and promote engagement with science. TQEF funder's report.



Other academic activities

Member of the Outdoor & Experiential Learning Research Network (  

Member of the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR) Steering Group

Member of Plymouth University Excellence in Research Award Steering Group 

Member of Plymouth University Research & Innovation Committee 2010-14 (research staff representative)