Dr Andreas Walmsley

Dr Andreas Walmsley

Associate Professor (Reader) in Entrepreneurship

Plymouth Graduate School of Management & Plymouth Business School


My main activities revolve around teaching and research in the area of entrepreneurship with a particular focus on:

- entrepreneurship education
- graduate entrepreneurship
- responsible entrepreneurship

I am currently also interim discipline group leader for the Entrepreneurship Group. 


BSc Tourism Management Plymouth University
Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice - York St John University
PhD Management: The impact of SME placements on career intentions - Leeds Metropolitan University
Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring - York St John University

Professional membership

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Member of the Tourism Society. Member of the Executive Committee of the Association for Tourism in Higher Education: 2005-2011

Roles on external bodies

Member of the Institute of Travel and Tourism Education and Training Committee 2015-2016

September 2014 - 2017: Honorary Secretary Tourism Society Westcountry;2005-2011 Executive committee member of the Assocation for Tourism in Higher Education

Teaching interests

I have taught a range of business-related subjects (entrepreneurship, strategic management, HRM, finance, research methods) frequently but not exclusively within a tourism context. 

Staff serving as external examiners

I am currently an examiner for Queen Margaret University and the Dublin Institute of Technology. I have previously been external examiner for the Open University-affiliated Heidelberg International Business Academy and have held a role as external examiner for the University of Wales, Cardiff (now Cardiff Metropolitan University).

Research interests

My research interests relate primarily to entrepreneurship generally, and more specifically within the context of entrepreneurship education, graduate entrepreneurship and responsible entrepreneurship. I also research aspects of employment within SMEs, especially within the tourism and hospitality industry.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Dr Stefanos Nachmias (2012): "An investigation of hospitality students' career intentions;

Dr Brendan Paddison (2014): "Governance and Community Advocacy in Tourism Development: An International Comparison"

Grants & contracts

Overview of funded projects for which I was principalinvestigator:

Walmsley,A. (2013) Working Paper on Youth Employment in Hospitality, Catering andTourism. International Labour Office, Geneva. US$8,000

Walmsley, A. (2012) Tourism Intelligence Monitor 2012. Association for Tourismin Higher Education, Brighton, UK. (£2,700 – Principal Investigator)

 Walmsley,A. (2011) CHME Report on Hospitality Higher Education in the UK, a reportcommissioned by the Council for Hospitality Management Education. (£2,100 –Principal Investigator)

 Walmsley,A. (2011) AEME Report on Events Higher Education in the UK, a reportcommissioned by the Association for Events Management Education. (£2,100 –Principal Investigator)

 Walmsley,A. (2011) Report onhospitality, leisure, sport and tourism higher education in the uk, 2011. Report for Higher Education Academy'sHospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Network (Oxford). (£1,750 – PrincipalInvestigator)

 Walmsley,A. (2009) Tourism Intelligence Monitor, a commissioned report on tourism highereducation in the UK for the Association for Tourism in Higher Education.(£1,800)

March– July, 2008. Consultancy/Project manager for a consultancy project on thepricing strategy for a major UK visitor attraction. (£5,000 – PrincipalInvestigator)

 Overviewof funded projects I have collaborated in (i.e. not principal investigator):

 March2010 – March 2011: Consultant/Researcher on a report for the InternationalConsumers Research & Testing Ltd. (www.international-testing.org).(£30,000 – co-researcher)

 October2009-January 2010: Consultant/Researcher. Quantitative analysis of data onhotels’ CSR activities and business peformance funded by the InternationalFinance Corporation – World Bank Group.

 Nabi,G., Holden, R. and Walmsley, A. (2006) Career making. Graduating into SelfEmployment. A Report commissioned by the National Council for GraduateEntrepreneurship. (£2,000)

Nachmias, S., Walmsley, A., & Orphanidou, Y. (2017). Students’ perception towards hopsitality education: An anglo-cypriot critical study. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education, 20, 134-145.

Walmsley, A. (2017). Talent Management and Youth Employment. In S. Horner (Ed.), Talent Management in Hospitality and Tourism (pp. 117-133). Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers Ltd.

Nabi, G., Liñan,F., Fayolle, A., Krueger, N., & Walmsley, A. (2016). The impact ofentrepreneurship education in higher education: A systematic review and researchagenda. . Academy of Management Learningand Education. doi:10.5465/amle.2015.0026

Nabi, G., Walmsley, A., Liñan, F., Akhtar, I., & Neame, C.(2016). Does entrepreneurship education in the first year of higher educationdevelop entrepreneurial intentions? The role of learning and inspiration. Studies in Higher Edcuation.

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Goodfellow, Oxford. ISBN:978-1-910158-36-4more details here

Walmsley, A. (2015) Taking Children out of School in Term Time: Impact andSolutions. Tourism Society Westcountry and the Southwest Tourism Alliance,Plymouth, UK. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/familyholidays/11849287/Term-time-holiday-ban-hits-West-Country-tourism.html 

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