Mr Anastasios Plessas

Mr Anastasios Plessas

Honorary University Fellow

Faculty of Health

NIHR Academic & Clinical Fellow in General Dental Practice

General Dental Practitioner 


DipDS (2008) - University of Athens, 

DipPCD RCSI (2013) - Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

MSc (Dent Sci) (2014)- University of Glasgow

PgCert ClinEd (2015)- University of Plymouth

MFD RCSI (2019)- Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

ResM (2019)- University of Plymouth

Professional membership

BDA member, British Dental Association

BSP member, British Society of Periodontology
IADR member, International Association for Dental Research
FGDP member, Faculty of General Dental Practice RCS(Eng)
RCSI member, Faculty of Dentistry RCSI
HEA Fellow, Higher Education Academy
GDC Registered (182999), General Dental Council 

Teaching interests

Evidence Based Dentistry
Critical Appraisal
Simulation Training 
Clinical Supervision

Research interests

I have conducted and been involved in various oral health related research projects. 

My research interests include but are not limited to:

1. Epidemiological Research 
  1.1: Piercing Complications in the Oral Cavity 
  1.2:Link between systemic and oral health
2. Systematic Reviews and Evidence Synthesis
3. Behavioural and Decision Making Research 
  3.1: Impact of stress on dentists' performance (time pressure experimental study)
4. Public Health, Health Services and Oral Health Inequalities Research 
  4.1 Improving oral health and dental access for vulnerable groups (e.g people experiencing homelessness)

 We are currently conducting a qualitative interview study exploring the experiences of dentists and dental nurses working at Urgent Dental Care Centres in England during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find more about the study here.

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Paisi M, Witton R, Withers L, Plessas A, Burrows M, Morrison S, McDonald L & Kay E 2020 'Strategies to improve oral health behaviours and dental access for people experiencing homelessness: a qualitative study' British Dental Journal , DOI PEARL
Paisi M, Plessas A, Pampaka D, Burns L & Wilton R 2020 'Effect of treating carious teeth on children's and adolescents' anthropometric outcomes: A systematic review of randomised controlled trials' COMMUNITY DENTAL HEALTH 37, (1) 32-38 Author Site , DOI PEARL
Paisi M, Witton R & Plessas A 2019 'Is there an association between children's screen use and cariogenic diet?' Evidence-Based Dentistry 20, (4) 115-116 , DOI PEARL
Plessas A 2019 'To what extent do patients' racial characteristics affect our clinical decisions?' Evidence-Based Dentistry 20, (4) 101-102 , DOI
Plessas A & Nasser M 2019 'Can we deliver effective alcohol-related brief advice in general dental practice?' Evidence-Based Dentistry 20, (3) 77-78 , DOI
Paisi M, Kay E, Burrows M, Withers L, Plessas A, McDonald L & Witton R 2019 ''Teeth Matter': engaging people experiencing homelessness with oral health promotion efforts' British Dental Journal 227, (3) 187-191 , DOI PEARL
Paisi M, Witton R, Burrows M, Allen Z, Plessas A, Withers L, McDonald L & Kay E 2019 'Management of plaque in people experiencing homelessness using 'peer education': a pilot study' British Dental Journal (BDJ) 226, (11) 860-866 , DOI PEARL
Plessas A, Nasser M, Hanoch Y, O'Brien T, Bernardes Delgado M & Moles D 2019 'Impact of Time Pressure on Dentists' Diagnostic Performance' Journal of Dentistry , DOI PEARL
Paisi M, Kay E, Plessas A, Burns L, Quinn C, Brennan N & White S 2019 'Barriers and enablers to accessing dental services for people experiencing homelessness: A systematic review' Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology Author Site , DOI PEARL
Plessas A, Robertson DP & Hodge PJ 2018 'Radiographic bone loss in a Scottish non-smoking Type 1 Diabetes mellitus population; a Bitewing Radiographic Study' Journal of Periodontology Author Site , DOI PEARL
Plessas A, Delgado MB, Nasser M, Hanoch Y & Moles DR 2018 'Impact of stress on dentists' clinical performance. A systematic review' COMMUNITY DENTAL HEALTH 35, (1) 9-15 Author Site , DOI PEARL
Plessas A & Bernardes Delgado M 2018 'The role of ergonomic saddle seats and magnification loupes in the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. A systematic review' International Journal of Dental Hygiene 16, (4) 430-440 , DOI PEARL
Plessas A 2017 'Computerized Virtual Reality Simulation in Preclinical Dentistry' Simulation in Healthcare: The Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare 12, (5) 332-338 , DOI PEARL
Plessas A 2014 'Nonsurgical periodontal treatment: review of the evidence' Oral Health Dent Manag 13, (1) 71-80 Author Site
Plessas A & Pepelassi E 2012 'Dental and periodontal complications of lip and tongue piercing: prevalence and influencing factors' Australian Dental Journal 57, (1) 71-78 , DOI