Dr Amelia Bridges

Dr Amelia Bridges

Research Fellow

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)




BSc (Hons) Marine Biology & Oceanography, University of Plymouth

PhD Marine Ecology

I also have 10+ years experience working for marine conservation organisations, NGOs and charities. 



Research interests

I am a deep-sea ecologist with research interests broadly falling into two fields: spatial ecology in the deep sea, and the use of science to inform policy and marine spatial planning. I have investigated the former both at broad- and fine-scales by employing predictive modelling approaches. I am particularly interested in how to best facilitate the use of predictive model outputs in ocean policy to ensure ecosystem-based management is based on best available data, and is possible for the deep sea despite the general paucity of data.

Whilst my PhD focused on the development and application of habitat suitability models in the South Atlantic, my current research investigates the connectivity of the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone in the central Pacific by employing larval dispersal models. 



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

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