Dr Alice Hall

Dr Alice Hall

FISH INTEL Project Support Officer

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



I am a marine biologist with extensive experience of marine monitoring including scientific dive surveys, baited remote underwater video (BRUV) and remotely operated vehicles (ROV). My previous research has focused on investigating the impacts of artificial structures on marine environments and exploring ways to enhance biodiversity. I am currently working on the Interreg FISH INTEL project which aims to support ecosystem based fisheries management across the Channel. 


PhD Bournemouth University- Sept 2014-November 2017. Thesis Title: The Ecology and Ecological Enhancement of Coastal Artificial Structures.

MSc (Research) Biological Science University of Hull, Scarborough Campus- Sept 2012 – Sept 2014.Thesis Title: Temporal and Spatial Community Dynamics of Natural Intertidal Substrata and Coastal Defence Structures.

BSc (Hons) Coastal Marine Biology, University of Hull- Sept 2009- Sept 2012

Roles on external bodies

Environmental Commissioner for Poole Harbour Commissioners. 




Hall, AE, Herbert, RJH, Stafford, R (2021) Temporal and spatial variation in adult and juvenile mobile fauna associated with natural and artificial coastal habitats. Marine Biology.168:19.  

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Hall, AE, Herbert, RJH, Britton, JR, Boyd, I, George, N (2019) Shelving the coast with Vertipools: retrofitting artificial rock pools on coastal structures as mitigation for coastal squeeze. Frontiers of Marine Science. 6, 456

Hall, AE, Herbert, RJH, Britton,JR, Hull, SL (2018) Ecological enhancement techniques to improve habitat heterogeneity on coastal defence structures, Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 210, 68-78.

Herbert, RJH, Collins, K, Mallinson, J, Hall, AE, Pegg, J, Ross, K, Clarke, L, Clements, T (2017) A novel geotextile Artificial Surf Reef on the south coast of England: Early colonisation and a comparison with natural and artificial habitats. PLOSOne 12. e0184100



Conferences organised

Poole Harbour Study Group, Spotlight on Poole Harbour: Environment & Economics, Poole 2018

British Port Association Conference, Poole 2017

Poole Harbour Study Group & Estuarine and Coastal Science Association, Marine Protected Areas: Science, Policy & Management Conference, Poole 2017

Marine Biological Association Postgraduate Conference, Scarborough 2014