Dr Alex Strachan

Dr Alex Strachan

Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre Facilities Manager

Faculty of Science and Engineering



Facilities Manager at Plymouth Electron Microscopy centre


FdSc Biosciences with distinction 

BSc (Hons) Biosciences

PhD in Mucosal immunology

Professional membership

Member of the Royal Microscopy Society

Member of the British Society of Immunology



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Zaric S, Strachan A, Kurushima Y, Dong A, McIlwaine C, Harrington Z, Nibali L, Foey A & Ide M (2022) 'Evaluating clinical utility of subgingival and salivary endotoxin activity levels as periodontal biomarkers' Frontiers in Oral Health 3, , DOI Open access
Foey A, Habil N, Strachan A & Beal J (2022) 'Lacticaseibacillus casei Strain Shirota Modulates Macrophage-Intestinal Epithelial Cell Co-Culture Barrier Integrity, Bacterial Sensing and Inflammatory Cytokines' Microorganisms 10, (10) , DOI Open access
Mcilwaine C, Strachan A, Harrington Z, Jerreat M, Belfield LA, Sandor V, Foey A & Zaric S (2019) 'Comparative analysis of total salivary lipopolysaccharide chemical and biological properties with periodontal status' Archives of Oral Biology 110, 104633-104633 , DOI Open access
Strachan A, Harrington Z, McIlwaine C, Jerreat M, Belfield LA, Kilar A, Jackson SK, Foey A & Zaric S (2018) 'Subgingival lipid A profile and endotoxin activity in periodontal health and disease' Clinical Oral Investigations Author Site , DOI Open access