Dr Ahmed Suhail

Dr Ahmed Suhail


School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Islam K, Damiati S, Sethi J, Suhail A & Pan G 2018 'Development of a Label-Free Immunosensor for Clusterin Detection as an Alzheimer’s Biomarker' Sensors 18, (1) 308-308 , DOI PEARL
Suhail A, Pan G, Jenkins D & Islam K 2017 'Improved efficiency of graphene/Si Schottky junction solar cell based on back contact structure and DUV treatment' Carbon 129, 520-526 , DOI PEARL
2017 'A Label-Free and Ultrasensitive Immunosensor for Detection of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin Based on Graphene FETs' Biosensors 7, (4) 27-27 , DOI PEARL
Suhail A, Islam K, Li B, Jenkins D & Pan G 2017 'Reduction of polymer residue on wet–transferred CVD graphene surface by deep UV exposure' Applied Physics Letters 110, (18) 183103-183103 , DOI PEARL
Li B, Pan G, Suhail A, Islam K, Avent N & Davey P 2017 'Deep UV hardening of photoresist for shaping of graphene and lift-off fabrication of back-gated field effect biosensors by ion-milling and sputter deposition' Carbon 118, 43-49 , DOI PEARL