Professional Diving Team diving
The University of Plymouth Professional Diving Team works with businesses to offer a range of professional services. 
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Delivery of diving operation audits for clients to ensure compliance with national diving regulations. Guidance and advice regarding safe operations and best practice. 

Diver assessment

Organisational, or individual diver assessment and training. With a highly trained team of instructors, we can offer in water assessments/feedback and skills reviews to ensure the whole team is prepared for any project.

Chamber operations and management

Provision of chamber operators with experience running and managing chamber operations in a variety of locations worldwide, including on vessels. 

Client representation and guidance

A professional team who can work alongside clients offering support and advice across a wide range of scientific diving projects. 

Scientific diving

A highly skilled and experienced scientific diving team who can work with clients to deliver complex scientific diving projects anywhere in the World for academic and commercial projects. 

Ship-based and land-based expedition management

Expedition management of land and ship based scientific diving expeditions. Team members have experience of managing scientific and media diving operations, ROV and submersibles operations in a wide range of marine environments.   
Divers in front of Wavedancer boat