How to find your voice as a writer

Creative writing


Meet the course leader

Course Leader Dr Sam Kemp is a widely published poet and creative writing lecturer.
He designed 'How to find your voice as a writer' as an inspiring introduction to the fundamental guidelines of poetry and fiction, covering the main rules of writing, and when to break them. His recent publications include Stand, Lighthouse, and Mechanics’ Institute Review, and he placed in the Streetcake Experimental Writing Award 2020 (forthcoming).
You can find more of his work at and catch him on Twitter @Skempoetry, and Instagram @samkempoetry.

About the course

What will I learn on this course?

Whether you’re a curious beginner or an experienced writer looking to brush up on the fundamentals of writing, this short course is designed to give you confidence in your next writing project and to enable your ideas to come alive.

  • Develop your sense of voice as a writer through activities and work-shopping.
  • Gain valuable insight into the techniques that great writers rely on to make their voice unique.
  • Enjoy a supportive and inspiring teaching environment.
  • Equip yourself with the fundamentals of craft across poetry and prose.
  • Begin to develop an understanding of your creative process.
  • Learn from published authors who will inspire and guide your writing at every step of the way, with interactive sessions focused on your writing goals.
Refresh your current creative writing goals and gain the skills to step onto the page with confidence.

Course structure

Week one – Seeing is believing
Showing, telling, and decapitating your reader

Week two – Ideas and inspiration
Sewing seeds and lighting fires

Week three – Plot and rising tension
The ancient art of 'and then what happened?!'

Week four – Character and voice
The beat of desire and dialogue

Week five – Theme and drafting…
What is it really about?

Week six – Dear Editor….
Being a gunslinger and getting published

How to apply