Toolkit – using your research findings

So you’ve done the research and written up or presented your findings. Don’t let your hard work be left in a dusty drawer, use your research to its full potential.

Think about:

  • using your report as evidence when writing funding bids or looking for partners
  • feeding back to stakeholders and making recommendations for improving your practice/project
  • sending your findings to partner organisations that you have relationships with such as schools, NHS departments, youth groups and community woodlands. Could your findings feed into what they are doing or how they report on their outcomes?
  • including your report on your website as evidence of your work and outcomes
  • telling other research bodies about your findings (see list below). The Silvanus Trust would love to add your evidence of woodland and wellbeing to its case studies if you have used the wellbeing indicators
  • using your research findings as evidence to encourage change.

Watch out for:

Make sure that your ethical consent covers your use of the report and evidence/data that you collected e.g. if you took photos can these be used on your website to describe your project or only in relation to the research? Can you use quotes on funding applications?