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From Good from Woods

  • Good from Woods summary reports – evidence of wellbeing found in each of our partner’s woodland projects
  • The Good from Woods toolkit – guides to help you carry out research on your own woodland activities whilst maintaining robust research ethics
  • Research methods – ideas to help you gather feedback and research data from participants in your woodland activities/projects.
Case study papers:

Other research resources

Research into woodland and wellbeing

Walking the Talk conference presentations
The Walking the Talk conference was a joint event between Silvanus Trust, Natural Connections, and the Outdoor and Experiential Learning Research Network(Oelresnet) at the University of Plymouth, 4 July 2014.
Good from Woods presentations:
Natural Connections presentations:
Oelresnet presentations:
Walk the Talk – lunch time walks:

To make the hand-out book: 
  • 1. print the pdf onto an A3 sheet 
  • 2. cut into thin strips along the faint grey lines 
  • 3. stick the strips together 
  • 4. fold like a concertina.

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To share your own research into woodlands and wellbeing with us, please email: PRinOL@plymouth.ac.uk.