Sampling on the Tamar Estuary 
Title: Intertidal seagrass meadows in South west England: the ecological and socio-economic benefits of restoration 
Funder and duration: Marine Research Plymouth: 3.5 years PhD funding 
Lead partner: University of Plymouth
Location: South West England, UK
University of Plymouth staff: Oliver Thomas Professor Melanie Austen Professor Martin Attrill 
Supervisors at partner organisations: Dr Lauren Biermann (Plymouth Marine Laboratory), Dr Dan Smale (Marine Biological Association)
This PhD project utilises a range of multidisciplinary techniques to understand the nature and scale of the ecosystem services provided by intertidal seagrass meadows in Southwest England. 
The project primarily investigates provisioning and supporting ecosystem services, in particular through assessing the organic carbon storage potential and associated benthic biodiversity of the meadows. This will been conducted primarily through field observations and cutting edge laboratory analysis.
Furthermore the project utilises remote-sensing techniques including the use of drones and satellites to map changes in meadow extent and density over time, and also explores the drivers behind the emergence of newly formed intertidal meadows in the Tamar estuary.
Research outcomes of the project will potentially be of value to local and regional regulators and stakeholders, and will address key knowledge gaps within the scientific literature.  
The project is funded by Marine Research Plymouth: a pioneering collaboration between The University of Plymouth, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, and The Marine Biological Association.