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The 2023 South West National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and Health Education England (HEE) integrated clinical academic (ICA) programme awards are now open. The awards provide short-term support for those in the South West aspiring to develop a clinical academic career and apply for national awards.
The awards aim to increase research capacity to improve health and healthcare, by developing people to become leading clinical academics and independent researchers.
The HEE-NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic and Practitioner (ICA) programme is intended to increase research capacity to improve health and healthcare, by developing people with the potential and aspiration to become leading clinical and practitioner academics and independent researchers in the future. The programme is open to registered health and social care professionals including nurses, midwives, AHPs and other registered health and care professionals with ICA approved regulatory bodies. The programme is suitable for clinicians/practitioners who wish to develop careers that combine research and research leadership along with continued practice and professional development.
There are three levels of awards available:
Internship award – for individuals that have little research experience or training and would like to develop their knowledge and understanding of research, develop some practical skills, and/or develop a project idea with supervisory guidance and support.
Pre-doctoral bridging award – for individuals that have some research experience and is developing their research profile, have completed Masters level research training and aspire to gain funding to undertake doctoral research training.
Post-doctoral bridging award – for individuals that have completed or will have submitted their thesis at the time of application, are looking to undertake post-doctoral research and build towards applying for a post-doctoral level fellowship such as the HEE-NIHR Advanced Clinical and Practitioner Academic Fellowship.
Please refer to the guidance notes for further information about the awards and how to apply. The closing date and time for submission of applications is Tuesday 15th November at midday.  Applications should be submitted to
Carrie Biddle, HEE South West Regional Head for Allied Health Professionals and strategic lead, said:
“In the Southwest we are committed to investing in our clinical and professional workforce to develop a research skilled workforce and support the aspirations of those seeking to follow a clinical academic career pathway. The NIHR ICA awards provide funding and academic support for eligible professionals working in health and social care to start or take the next step in the academic career pathway”.
For any queries about the awards, please contact
Dr Luciana Dalla ValleLecturer in Statistics School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics (Faculty of Science & Engineering) Big Data
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As one of the South West of England’s HEE/NIHR committee co-leads, as well as Associate Professor of Neurorehabilitation at the University of Plymouth, I am delighted to advertise this regional competition for personal awards. A personal award can provide a springboard to developing an integrated clinical-academic career, which is both a diverse and rewarding career choice as well as a significant contribution to improving the future of patient and service user care.
If you would like to learn more about clinical-academic career opportunities or are considering an application to this scheme and are looking for academic support, please get in touch with either me (allied health professions) or Professor Jos Latour (Nurses or Midwives).
To explore wider opportunities to engage in research at the University of Plymouth please also consider visiting our MClinRes, PIHR and doctoral college webpages. 
Associate Professor of Neurological Rehabilitation
University of Plymouth Integrated Clinical Academic Careers lead for Allied Health Professions and Doctoral College Coordinator