Children making leaf art

Learning objectives

To encourage creativity, to learn tree identification, to learn about animals, to practice writing and increase vocabulary.

Resources needed

  • paper
  • glue
  • coloured pencils
  • craft materials


To create these leaf animals, you will need to look on the floor in your garden, or on your one walk a day. Remember pick what you can from the floor, we need to look after living plants by not picking from them. Collect your materials and a piece of paper. Begin to create animals!

How to put the idea into practice

Plan for a walk
Bring a bag to collect leaves, pebbles, other materials
Provide guidance on how to make the leaf art
Follow up questions:
  • Could you create a story?
  • Could you research a new fact about your animal?
  • Could you investigate what tree the leaves came from?
Children learning with leaf art
Leaf art
Leaf art
Leaf art

Ways to include all learners

Learners of all abilities could take part if support is provided in gathering materials and guidance given on how to do the leaf art.

How might this activity support social, emotional and mental health needs?

Going outdoors with a purpose to gather materials could be beneficial for mental and physical wellbeing.

Research with Plymouth Institute of Education