Enabling Learning at Home (ELaH)

This home learning website has been designed around a clear need to support home learning activities for children with autism. It has been developed with reference to the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice in the UK and in Malaysia as well as a wealth of academic research and in consultation with settings and families both in the UK and Malaysia.

We want to create a stimulating and challenging home learning environment that considers the four broad areas of need so that over time families can become more aware of how activities in their every day lives can stimulate learning and development.

The four broad areas of need are:

  • communication and interaction
  • cognition and learning
  • social, emotional and mental health
  • sensory and/or physical needs

These four broad areas of need are helpful when planning for a child’s learning. In practice individuals will have needs across all areas and it is important that families work with their school / learning centre to ensure a detailed assessment of need is carried out and a full understanding gained of a child’s strengths and needs with well evidenced targeted activities to support continued learning and development. 

The activities below are not meant to replace the activities designed by a school or learning centre but to complement them and to engage families in their child’s learning and development.

A headteacher from a special school in the UK shared their experiences of enabling home learning during Covid-19