At DesignFlow we focus on understanding the requirements of the client from a practical engineering perspective.

Understanding these requirements allows us to select and apply the most effective analysis / design methods, ranging from the use of cutting edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software right through to the application of a practical, structured approach to engineering design. 

Computational Fluid Dynamics

The expert application of computational tools offers industry unparalleled flexibility in product performance assessment and design.

Workflows ranging from a standalone performance comparison right through to full design optimisation can be performed. Fully integrating computational performance analysis tools into your design process means CFD can be used not only to inform design decisions but actually drive them.  


Computational Fluid Dynamics



Analysis of a given design or even a problem is fundamental in assessing its performance and selecting the right tool is key to driving its improvement. 

At DesignFlow, we focus on understanding client requirements before identifying the most appropriate analysis methodology. This can range from a simple hand calculation to full parametric design calculations, Finite Element Analysis, a range of CFD methods or development of bespoke software.


Founded on extensive practical engineering design experience in a wide range of industry sectors, DesignFlow can help at any stage of the process.

Although each project represents new challenges, this wealth of experience combines with our structured approach and the analysis tools at our disposal to develop innovative designs from concept through to completion.

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Other services

Bespoke Software Development

Often, bespoke software packages offer an advantage over the use of existing commercial packages. We have the ability to develop software that allows the client to specify exactly what functionality is required, whilst giving full control over how it is packaged and presented, rather than simply adapting existing tools for a very specific purpose. 

Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design (CAD) can significantly streamline a company's design process and rapidly accelerate the time to market for a new product. Why not sub-contract your CAD? We have extensive experience of applying CAD tools at various levels of integration with the design process from simple modelling of standalone components right through to fully parametric models of complex assemblies. 

Expert Witness

The capabilities detailed on this site enable us to objectively and impartially investigate a wide range of technical engineering issues. Further to the purely technical aspect of such work, our teaching experience equips us with the ability to communicate often complex engineering theories and principles to a variety of audiences, whether technical or non-technical.

Experimental Testing

Numerical simulation rarely entirely removes the need to conduct physical experiments to determine the performance of a given design. Indeed in some cases only experimental work can give the information required. At DesignFlow, we are experienced not only in the design, build and calibration of fully instrumented testing apparatus capable of yielding reliable, repeatable results but also in the identification of rigorous testing schedules that provide comprehensive results and guide evidence-based design decision making. 

Parametric Design and Optimisation

In many cases, the performance of a component or system is governed by the complex relationship between a number of variables. We can help you identify these variables and work towards the optimum combination, ensuring your design is as good as it possibly can be. Optimisation techniques can be embedded within a software based approach and may draw upon techniques including Design of Experiments (DOE), regression analysis and genetic algorithms.

Virtual and Physical Prototyping

Often a combination of computational methods and prototyping leads to the fastest time to market. Combining our computational resources with the manufacturing and prototyping facilities available within the university allows us to rapidly accelerate your design process.