Completed research

CAMERA researchers disseminate our research through high quality peer-reviewed academic articles, as well as a variety of other outputs such as editorials and research reports.


See below for links to academic articles, research reports and other publications from our research into revalidation, fitness to practise and remediation.

Archer J, Cameron N, Lewis M, Marshall M, O'Hanlon J, Regan de Bere S, Walshe K, Wilson S, Baines R, Boyd A, Bryce M, Ferguson J, Gabe-Thomas E, Holmes S, Lalani M, Price T, Rae P, Roberts M, Stevens S, Tazzyman A, Tredinnick-Rowe J, Wakeling J & Zahra D (2018) Evaluating the regulatory impact of medical revalidation. General Medical Council

Archer J, Bloor K, Bojke C, Boyd A, Bryce M, Ferguson J, Gutacker N, Hillier C, Luscombe K, Price T, Regan de Bere S, Tazzyman A, Tredinnick-Rowe J & Walshe K (2018) Evaluating the development of medical revalidation in England and its impact on organisational performance and medical practice: overview report .Department of Health Policy Research Programme

Walshe K, Boyd A, Bryce M, Luscombe K, Tazzyman A, Tredinnick-Rowe J & Archer J. (2017) Implementing medical revalidation in the United Kingdom: Findings about organisational changes and impacts from a survey of Responsible Officers Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 110, (1) 23-30. DOI

Zahra D, Roberts M, Bryce M, O'Brien T, Archer J (2017) Analysis of fitness to practise case data for the General Dental Council General Dental Council 

Brennan N, Bryce M, Pearson M, Wong G, Cooper C & Archer J 2017 Towards an understanding of how appraisal of doctors produces its effects: a realist review  Medical Education Author Site , DOI PEARL

Archer J, Lynn N, Coombes L, Roberts M, Gale T & Regan de Bere S (2016) The medical licensing examination debate . . . Regulation & Governance DOI

Archer J, Lynn N, Coombes L, Roberts M, Gale T, Price T & de Bere SR (2016) The impact of large scale licensing examinations in highly developed countries: a systematic review 16. . . BMC MEDICAL EDUCATION DOI

Archer J et al (2016) UMbRELLA: Interim Report 2016 . . . General Medical Council

Archer J, Regan de Bere S, Nunn S, Clark J & Corrigan O (2015) "No one has yet properly articulated what we are trying to achieve": a discourse analysis of interviews with revalidation policy leaders in the United Kingdom 90. 1. 88-93. Acad Med DOI

Regan de Bere S, Bryce M, Archer J, Lynn N, Nunn S, Roberts M. 2015 (2015) Review of decision-making in the General Medical Council's Fitness to Practise procedures 2 1. 1.4. 88-93. Author DOI

Archer J, Regan de Bere S, Bryce M, Nunn S, Lynn N, Coombes L and Roberts M (2014) Understanding the rise in Fitness to Practise complaints from members of the public 2 2. 1.7. 25-32. Author DOI

Guillemin M, Archer J, Nunn S & de Bere SR (2014) Revalidation: Patients or process? Analysis using visual data 114. 2-3. 128-138. Health Policy DOI 

Brennan N, Bryce M, Pearson M, Wong G, Cooper C & Archer J (2014) Understanding how appraisal of doctors produces its effects: a realist review protocol . . . BMJ Open DOI 

Archer J & de Bere SR (2013) The United Kingdom's experience with and future plans for revalidation 33. Supp 1. S48-S53. J Contin Educ Health Prof DOI 

Patient and Public Involvement

See below for outputs from this strand of research

Baines R & de Bere SR (2018) Optimizing patient and public involvement (PPI): Identifying its "essential" and "desirable" principles using a systematic review and modified Delphi methodology US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (NCBI) DOI

Baines R, Donovan J, de Bere SR, Archer J & Jones R (2018) Responding effectively to adult mental health patient feedback in an online environment: A coproduced framework US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (NCBI) DOI

de Bere SR & Nunn S (2016) Towards a pedagogy for patient and public involvement in medical education 50. 1. 79-92. Medical Education DOI 

Working together to improve our healthcare services: our service – our voice

A short animated film created by the CAMERA research team in collaboration with the Patients Association and Cumberland Surgery Patient Participation Group (PPG). The film is aimed at encouraging patient to take an active role in their healthcare by identifying various ways in which they can be involved including providing individual patient feedback or joining their PPG. The film draws on research conducted by CAMERA exploring Patient and Public involvement (PPI) in medical revalidation.

Download our working together guide - an essential guide for health and social care practitioners, researchers, educators and regulators looking to work with service users, patients, carers and members of the public.

Simulation and other research

Our research investigates networked and online environments, innovative technologies, emergent pedagogies and online learner experiences.

Papoutsi C, Mattick K, Pearson M, Brennan N, Briscoe S & Wong G 2017 Social and professional influences on antimicrobial prescribing for doctors-in-training: a realist review ' Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 72, (9) 2418-2430 , DOI PEARL

Wong G, Brennan N, Mattick K, Pearson M, Briscoe S & Papoutsi C 2015 Interventions to improve antimicrobial prescribing of doctors in training: the IMPACT (IMProving Antimicrobial presCribing of doctors in Training) realist review BMJ Open 5, (10) e009059-e009059 , DOI PEARL

Brennan N, Barnes R, Calnan M, Corrigan O, Dieppe P & Entwistle V 2013 Trust in the health-care provider-patient relationship: a systematic mapping review of the evidence base Int J Qual Health Care 25, (6) 682-688 Author Site , DOI PEARL

Brennan N & Mattick K 2013 A systematic review of educational interventions to change behaviour of prescribers in hospital settings, with a particular emphasis on new prescribers Br J Clin Pharmacol 75, (2) 359-372 Author Site , DOI PEARL

Brennan N, Edwards S, Kelly N, Miller A, Harrower L & Mattick K 2014 Qualified doctor and medical students' use of resources for accessing information: what is used and why? Health Info Libr J 31, (3) 204-214 Author Site , DOI PEARL