Information about animals in research at University of Plymouth

Number of Animal Procedures in 2020

Species Total Procedures % change from 2019
Mice 1883  +75%
Fish 254  +340%
Rats 0 0%
Total 2137 +90%

Severity of Animal Procedures in 2020

Severity Total Procedures Change from 2019
Sub Threshold 192 +192%
Non-Recovery 0 0
Mild 1172  +45%
Moderate 771  +121%
Severe 2 -70%

The law defines the levels of severity animals experience as:

1. Subthreshold: where the animals do not suffer from an intervention.

2. Mild: causes short-term mild pain, suffering or distress. Breeding and behavioural assessments qualified in this category.

3. Moderate: causes short-term moderate pain, suffering or distress or long-lasting mild pain, suffering or distress.

E.g. administration of substances, breeding GM animals or surgical procedure with recovery.

4. Severe: animals are likely to experience severe pain, suffering or distress, or long-lasting moderate pain, suffering or distress.

This section includes the animals which may have unexpectedly died.

5. Non recovery. The animal is placed under general anaesthetic before the start of the procedure, and is humanely killed without ever regaining consciousness.