Dartmoor search and rescue team Plymouth

DSRTP asked the students to produce a marketing strategy with a target audience of Plymouth University students and staff. The strategy will be used to promote a unique publication in the form of a book by DSRTP and Plymouth University, a beginner’s sustainable guide to walking. 

The book aims to promote a healthy ‘walk not drive’ lifestyle, seeking to encourage Plymouth University students and staff to explore their beautiful countryside surroundings and learn about the local environment. All proceeds from book sales will go to fund the vital work of DSRTP.

“Working on this project has given us the opportunity to practise our new project management skills and experience working with a real external client, which will be fantastic when we come to apply for our first graduate job.”

      - Wesley Jones, BSc (Hons) Business Management student.

In order to deliver a fully-fledged marketing strategy the students carried out market research to help determine the price for the book, outlets to distribute, and key events throughout the year where the book can be sold.

Specific student groups such as the UPSU Environmental Society were identified as niche audiences of the book.

 “These students are passionate about the environment. They would be interested in using this guide to help them explore Dartmoor’s beautiful green forests and land.”

       - Napaphat Chaiyotying, BSc (Hons) Business Management student

Napaphat, an international student, also identified that this guide would be a useful welcome tool for international students wanting to explore Plymouth and its beautiful, natural surroundings.

The book consists of ten walks of varying difficulties on Dartmoor in Devon accompanied by poetry, photography and illustrations also created by students on courses including BA (Hons) Illustration and BA (Hons) English.

“Over the last few years we have been working with the University in partnership, creating many student experience opportunities and in turn benefiting from their experience and fresh ideas.This is our biggest student project yet and their high standard of work is creating the ultimate walking guide for fellow students and staff, giving us another unique way to raise funds and continue our rescue work. With the business management students’ expertise we will promote the book, encouraging more students to enjoy Dartmoor.”

      - Ken Ringwood, team member of DSRTP

This project is not only enhancing our students’ employability skills but is also inspiring all contributing students to get out and enjoy the walks for themselves with friends and visiting family.

The book will be launched at an event on the Plymouth University campus in September.

Plymouth University partner DSRTP relies solely on fundraising to enable them to deliver their 24-hour rescue services on Dartmoor

As a University we create opportunities for our students to gain real experience through partnerships, and here our students are really making a difference in the community and enhancing their employability skills.

As part of their BSc (Hons) Business Management 2-year fast track course, students conducted a summer consultancy project aiming to deliver outcomes that would be put to use by external organisations.