Oliver Hanemann

Professor Hanemann will lead the organisation’s internationally-recognised research teams in the areas of neuroscience, cancer and infection, immunity and inflammation. He is recognised as a world leader in the field of low grade brain tumours. 

Professor Hanemann trained in Hamburg, Glasgow, Johns Hopkins and Harvard. After a DFG (German Research Foundation) research fellowship in molecular neurobiology, in which he and a colleague cloned a new myelin protein, he held the post of neurology registrar at the medical school in Düsseldorf. 

During that period he continued his neuroscience research, became lecturer for neurology and neurobiology and honorary consultant. In1998 Professor Hanemann started work on benign glial tumours. From 2000 he was a consultant, clinical lead of outpatients and senior lecturer at the medical school in Ulm. During that time he also trained as a medical geneticist. 

In 2005 he became Chair of Clinical Neurobiology at the Peninsula Medical School, establishing clinical neurobiology research and administering different independent research groups. 

He has been Associate Medical Director for Research and Development at Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust and academic lead at the hospital’s neurology department. 

In 2014 he led the team from University of Plymouth's Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry which was successful in attracting support from charity Brain Tumour Research to become its latest Research Centre of Excellence. 

Nationally Professor Hanemann is neurology lead in the Peninsula Neuro-oncology network, a member of the NCRI brain tumour group and DeNDRoN, (currently research director MND in the South West), a member of scientific advisory boards (including the Children’s Tumor Foundation, the Lord Dowding Fund and the Brain Research Trust), and a member of the Council of the British Neuro-Oncology Society (BNOS). 

He is a reviewer for more than 17 international journals including Brain, Cancer Research, Oncogene and Human Molecular Genetics, and a reviewer for a variety of funding agencies including the Wellcome Trust, the Medical Research Council, Cancer Research UK and DFG. 

Professor Wendy Purcell commented: “My congratulations go to Oliver, whose appointment will further enhance our commitment to world class medical and health research. His international reputation in his field and his ability to foster close collaborations with partners – such as charity Brain Tumour Research – make him an inspiring and effective research leader. “ 
Speaking of his new position, Professor Hanemann said: “My remit will be to champion research across traditional boundaries and focus on world-leading research. Research from University of Plymouth's Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry is making real impact on human health issues and my colleagues are working on a number of interesting and influential projects. This is being recognised by an increase in the variety and value of research funding awards granted to us by prestigious funding organisations. I am looking forward to working with my colleagues to build still further on our impressive achievements to date.”