Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre

A free morning seminar is being held on Wednesday 9 July at the Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre (PEMC), where representatives will be able to see a technique which can help identify the size of key ice cream micro-structures (ice crystals, fat globules, air bubbles) to aid product optimisation. Speakers include Steve Furzeland, formerly of Unilever and Dr Victor Kuri, Food Scientist at Plymouth University. The aim of this event is to offer delegates the opportunity to see the equipment in action, meet the PEMC team and discuss specific projects. 
This is the fourth in a series of Industrial Solutions events being organised by the University to demonstrate the relevance of electron microscopy to every business, as Claire Pearce, Project Manager for the PEMC, explains: “The capability and versatility of this equipment is immense. Since the project was launched, we have worked with business owners of micro-electronics companies through to tyre sealant distributors. Being able to offer South West companies free use of the equipment until March 2015 represents a fantastic opportunity for us and the region’s business community as a whole.” 
Electron microscopy enables items and materials to be viewed and analysed in high magnification, providing unique information on micro-structure and micro-composition. This allows users to investigate the causes and effects of failures; identify contamination; identify corrosion; investigate defects and fatigue; develop new and improved products; develop new processes and materials; and enhance quality control and monitoring through to producing promotional images. 
The Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre was transformed as part of a £1.3 million three-year project, jointly funded by the University, JEOL (UK) Ltd and a £579,960 grant from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 
The funding established a world-class centre for materials characterisation and analysis in the city, which can be accessed for free by ERDF-eligible companies, and houses three state-of-the-art electron microscopes. 
Previous Industrial Solutions events hosted by the PEMC at Plymouth University include geology, mining, recycling and engineering.