Crowdfunder helps to keep a student’s research project afloat
Sea grass beds - photo by Adam Powell, Operation Wallacea

A marine biology student is set to take her research to new depths thanks to the generosity of backers of a Crowdfund campaign.

Caroline Daumich, a second year undergraduate at Plymouth University, will spend six weeks in Indonesia this summer to study sea grass habitats as part of her dissertation project and she also hopes to raise awareness of the importance of these unique marine habitats.

With the help of Operation Wallacea, which offers biological and conservation management research programmes to academics and students, Caroline will work alongside scientists and field assistants in Wakatobi National Park – a designated Marine Park around the island of Hoga – where sea grass habitats provide shelter to more than 180 species of fish.

Caroline, who has a keen interest in this area having lived most of her life in South East Asia, said: 

“Sea grass habitats provide vital breeding grounds for many organisms, particularly fish, but they are under threat from human activity such as fishing, and global warming. To be involved in this research is the opportunity of a lifetime and it would not have been possible without the help of Crowdfunder.”

Heather Forster, Plymouth University’s Crowdfunder in Residence, said:

"Crowdfunder helps people raise the funds they need to turns great ideas into reality. We run workshops every month on Plymouth University campus and works with community groups throughout the city. These are open to everyone; student clubs and societies, research programmes, charities and social enterprises - everyone is welcome! The workshops enable people to learn exactly how to create a successful campaign and make things happen.”

Caroline set out to raise £1,000 pitching her campaign through Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and email. The money she has raised will go towards her travel costs, dive kit and sampling equipment.

“It will allow me to expand areas of my research that I wouldn’t be able to do without the necessary funding. Most grants take time to receive and Crowdfunding allowed a quick fundraising process,” said Caroline.