Katherine Butler collecting her award from The Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain
A specialist in hand therapy has been recognised for her work to help musicians play again.
Katherine Butler, Honorary Associate Professor in the University’s School of Health Professions, has recently been elected as a member of The Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain, an institution founded in 1738 to help musicians in need. 
She has worked with the Society for 25 years and joins names such as George Fredric Handel and Franz Liszt on the membership list.  Katherine, who conducts her clinical work at London Hand Therapy, treats conditions ranging from overuse injuries to dystonia, which musicians are at increased risk of developing because they often perform repetitive movements for long periods of time.
Katherine has worked closely with Professor Jennifer Freeman to research assessment, management, and treatment techniques for performing artists, particularly those affected by task specific dystonia. As a trained flautist, Katherine has valuable insight into the life and pressures facing musicians and enjoys combining her clinical knowledge and love of music. 

I am passionate about music, and I know how devastating it can be for musicians to lose their ability to play. My work is about helping them to get back to doing what they love. I’m honoured to be elected as a member of The Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain and look forward to continuing my long association with them.

Katherine Butler
Honorary Associate Professor

Katherine’s research, lecturing, and clinical work is helping to improve the understanding and treatment of musicians' injuries. She is a leading expert in her field, and her work is making a real difference to the lives of musicians around the world.

Jennifer FreemanJennifer Freeman
Associate Head of School (Research)

In 2006, Katherine established London Hand Therapy with the aim of providing first class assessment and treatment of all hand and upper limb conditions. She also gained her Accredited Hand Therapist award in 2003 and in 2013 was awarded the esteemed Natalie Barr Award by the British Association of Hand Therapist for her achievements in hand therapy. 

What Katherine’s patients say 

“With Katherine’s help I got through one of the most difficult stages in my career and life. After not playing for over four years, I am now fully recovered and enjoy performing all over the world.” Classical pianist – dystonia 
“Katherine understands musicians both physically and psychologically – her approach is holistic and thorough.” Violinist – Dupuytren’s contracture
“I have rarely met a human being like Katherine – her warmth and professionalism radiate the room and inspires belief and positivity.” Violinist – finger fracture
“I will happily sing your praises as you got me playing again. I now have ideas about how to manage my condition, and practice in an optimal way.” Viola player – hypermobility
“Outstanding service, and world-class knowledge of diagnosis and treatments. I would highly recommend Katherine to anyone with a hand injury, particularly musicians.” Classical pianist – hypermobility 

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