This year's dental graduates from the University, who have all secured jobs
This year's dental graduates from the University, who have all secured jobs
University of Plymouth’s dental and dental nurse graduates for 2015 have achieved 100 per cent employment.
Seventy dental graduates and four dental nurse graduates have all left the University with jobs, making their courses some of the most attractive to employers in the UK.
Of the 70 dental graduates, 40 per cent have found jobs in the wider South West region. All but one will be working in the UK.
Erika Jones, Lecturer in Dental Teamworking, said: 
“We are delighted that our dental nurses have all found jobs on graduation. Training alongside dental students in clinical environments overseen by qualified dental professionals places them in a good position to make a positive contribution to oral health from day one of their employment.”
Professor Christopher Tredwin, Head of Peninsula School of Dentistry at University of Plymouth, commented: 
“This is an outstanding achievement by this year’s graduating cohort, and my congratulations go to them and to my colleagues who have trained them. We have worked in unison to create dentists who combine excellent clinical skills with patient empathy and an appreciation of the wider oral health care agenda.” 
He added: 
“We have achieved this via a unique model where dental undergraduates treat NHS patients under the supervision of qualified dental professionals, in specially-designed Dental Education Facilities. Not only has this resulted in dental graduates with excellent clinical and communication skills who have treated real people for most of their time with us, but it has also made them aware of their place in the dental clinical team and, of course, contributed to addressing dental care inequalities in the region.”