COAST Laboratory
The Coastal, Ocean and Sediment Transport (COAST) laboratory boasts a large range of instrumentation as well as data acquisition hardware and software. The equipment is maintained and operated by a dedicated team of engineers.
Additional facilities
The University is equipped with metal and wood working facilities that can be used for creating components and models bespoke to your requirements.

Technical specifications

Qualysis Motion capture
  • set of six Qualysis 6DOF cameras
  • multiple lenses allow accuracy of better than 1.5 mm in most ranges
  • underwater capability
Data Acquisition (DAQ)
  • a range of National Instruments CompactDAQ hardware paired with custom written LabView software
  • hardware is a modular system consisting of a base unit with expansion modules added to cover specific signal and sampling requirements
Flow measurement
  • Dantec 3D particle image velocimetry (PIV) on a 1m traverse
  • Laser Doppler anemometer
  • Valeport impeller flow metering
  • 40 twin-wire resistance wave probes with lengths up to 1.4m
  • Vectrino II acoustic Doppler velocimeters
Sediment measure
  • FARO 3D colour laser-scanner
  • Aquascat sediment probe
  • high definition video and stills cameras
  • underwater cameras, allowing a live view and recording of models underwater
  • Photron Fastcam SA4 high speed camera capable 3600 fps at 1024x1024 resolution
  • NAC HotShot 1280 high speed camera capable of 500 fps at 1024x1024 resolution
  • Nikon D5200 DSLR.
Other sensors
Pressure transducers, water-proof load cells, accelerometers, strain gauges, torque meter, pressure measurement, LVDT, hydrophones.
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