Careers with the Certificate in Education

Relevant work experience

As a trainee you’ll experience a range of teaching and training experiences on the programme. It's important to make the most of your time on placement and if you enjoyed it, keep in touch with the institution and let them know you'd like to work there. Many of our trainees find their first jobs with their placement hosts.

Skills you can develop during this programme include:

  • planning and organisation
  • assessment
  • teaching large and small groups of learners from a range of backgrounds, abilities and ages
  • researching and developing new topics, courses and teaching materials, including online resources
  • communication.

Janet, our careers adviser for PGCE/Certificate in Education, says:

“The post-16 learning and skills sector covers further education, adult and community learning and work-based learning. The key to working in this wide-ranging sector is flexibility. Recruitment in this sector varies enormously as each has its own tradition and distinctive characteristics. The more prepared you are to relocate for work opportunities, increase your ‘travel to work’ radius and develop a ‘portfolio’ approach (having a range of jobs in the sector, including part-time work), the easier it will be to find the work that you want.”

Typical career profiles