Construction project management student profiles

Hear from our current students and graduates

"I graduated from the construction management course with an additional Industrial Practice certificate after completing a placement year in Midas Construction as a trainee site manager. 

When I began my degree, I was not completely sure which particular job path I wanted to pursue. All I was sure about was the ambition to work within the construction industry in some way. However, during my degree, I learnt a lot about my strengths and discovered the most ideal and enjoyable job for me was as a construction planner.

Soon after graduating I successfully gained a two year graduate role with Skanska UK in their Bristol office. Whilst working with them, I completed the graduate scheme and gained a permanent role in Skanska as a Construction Planner. This role gave me the chance to continually learn and develop my knowledge each and every day, as well as meet and work with a range of people. After three years in Skanska, I secured a job as a Construction Planner in Midas.

I personally feel the support I received from lectures helped me to reach where I am now. The lecturers at University of Plymouth were always available to answer any questions – not only construction questions, but also with personal and career help. They pushed each and every individual and played a big role in helping me to get to where I am today.

I would recommend University of Plymouth to any person hoping to achieve great things and also have a bit of fun. I had an amazing time at university; not only I was able to achieve my degree, but I also created amazing memories and friends. There was never a dull day on campus and if given the chance I would love to do it all over again."

Anisha Bakhda, BSc (Hons) Construction Management graduate

Anisha Bakhda
<p>Maciej Orawczak, BSc (Hons) Construction Management graduate<br></p>

Maciej Orawczak, BSc (Hons) Construction Management graduate

"I chose to study construction management, as I enjoy leading and managing. Construction seemed like the ideal industry in which I could develop and apply these skills on large scale projects. 

The course itself has helped me build my fundamental knowledge of construction, stimulated my thoughts on management and leading, while opening my eyes to key environmental challenges facing our generation. I have also taken the opportunity to complete a year long industry placement with Morgan Sindall Construction and Infrastructure, which I would highly recommend to anyone. It helped me put my knowledge into practice, improve my grades in the final year of study and secure a job afterwards. I would encourage anyone with an interest in management or the construction industry to consider studying construction project management at the University of Plymouth as it is a great course, with very supportive staff, that opens doors to many exciting career prospects."

"During my time studying at Plymouth, I found the course was really well structured throughout all years and really engaging. It challenged me and kept pushing me through the years. I was able to show my knowledge in a different variety of ways which has been very rewarding.

I chose this particular course because the placement possibilities are great with all staff willing to help promote and find placements, making use of their extensive network of professionals in the industry. During my placement year with BAM Construction as assistant site manager, I was given the chance to prove myself with the knowledge I gained in my first two years at university.

BAM sponsored my final year and offered me a graduate job after completing my degree. I accepted the job and I am currently working as a Site Manager in very exciting projects.

Support from the University has always been good. Staff have an incredible knowledge, having previously worked in the construction industry or doing research. All the lecturers are enthusiastic about their topics and are always willing to help.

With a small campus the entire University feels like a community. The University has great societies and clubs to join, and the course timetable allows you to get fully involved. The night life is really well organised and your guaranteed to have a great time."

Daniel Julyan, BSc (Hons) Construction Management graduate

Daniel Julyan
<p>Finnigan Nicholas, Year 1 Construction Management student<br></p>

"I chose to study BSc (Hons) Construction Management at the University of Plymouth as I wanted the next stage in my education to result in a career and this course has excellent employability prospects. I was looking for a degree that could be used practically and this degree leads to becoming a chartered member of an accredited body and the opportunity to enter the world of professional practice with the skills I need to hit the ground running. I am excited by the construction industry and my opportunity to contribute to it in the near future.

Plymouth suited me as a university; it is in the middle of the city, but has a campus feel, Plymouth has the energy of a big city with the intimacy of a small one and a sea view. The Construction Management degree at Plymouth compared highly with other universities and offered the option of a placement year. Experience is especially important in the construction industry and when deciding which university to choose it was the industrial placement element that put this course ahead of the rest. 

The course is industry focused and the fieldwork/real-life studies allow me to use what I have learnt in the classroom in the field. The modules reflect what is happening in the industry and group projects allow collaboration with students on other, related degrees. The practical teaching methods are an exciting way of learning construction concepts and the smaller group sizes means it’s easier to ask questions. The mix of vocational and theoretical content, delivered by interesting and knowledgeable lecturers makes the whole learning process more enjoyable.

I have really enjoyed my first year, both my degree course and socially. I am developing a wealth of knowledge and professional skills, which will enable me to successfully manage complex construction projects. Most modules are assessed by coursework, which suits my learning style and I enjoy learning new skills which I will actually use in my career. I am looking forward to putting my class based learning to the test during my placement year."

Finnigan Nicholas, Year 1 BSc (Hons) Construction Management student

"Architecture has been always my subject of interest. I have always enjoyed working in dynamic environments and taking on challenging and responsible tasks. I chose the BSc (Hons) Construction Management course as I've always wanted to deliver a designed project. 

Studying abroad has been one of the best and most challenging experiences in my life. It is difficult to get out of your comfort zone, move to a different country and study in a foreign language, but the University of Plymouth made me feel welcome and helped me to start a new chapter in my life. 

The University focus on digitalisation and the environment, initially attracted my attention to the Construction Management course. Whilst studying, I also appreciated the final group projects, as we were able to cooperate and learn from the industry professionals. 

The course also provides great opportunities for networking which assisted me with getting a placement year with Arcadis as a Project Manager. I would encourage everyone to gain this industrial experience as it enabled me to demonstrate skills gained at the University, learn about the professional side of the construction industry and secure a part-time job during the final year of my degree as well as a graduate position. I used the experience and knowledge gathered throughout my placement year in my final year dissertation. 

I would recommend this course to anyone who enjoys working in a team but also taking a lead on a project, cares about the environment and wants to have a great start in their professional life."

Jagoda Krukar, Final year BSc (Hons) Construction Management student 

<p>Jagoda Krukar, Final year Construction Management student  <br></p>