Marius Varga

"I always enjoyed games and I was fascinated by all the underlying technology and processes involved in creating a game. Now, thanks to my degree and all I learnt during the course I am working for a 3D simulations programming and development company based here in Plymouth. My work involves 3D programming for simulations, including underwater simulations, along with prototypes and offering hardware integration and support. It is a great working environment and I love the fact that I’m getting challenged with such interesting and unusual projects.

Studying for this degree at Plymouth has been crucial, because during my years as a student it allowed me to explore unique projects helping me to focus towards an area that I was interested in. For my final year project I created a paragliding simulator called “Gestalt Flight” where the user navigates a virtual environment strapped into an authentic paragliding harness. The experience focuses on immersion, using air fans to simulate the air flow with customised music enhancing the experience. The support I received for creating this complicated project was amazing, not only in terms of mentoring but also in terms of sponsorship and manufacturing support from the faculty.

As well as great labs fully equipped with the latest development software and a large array of other kit, the course also gave us a lot of contact with the industry. Different gaming companies came in to hold lectures, to give us advice and important insights into the gaming industry. Thanks to these lectures I did a year’s paid placement with Remode Studios (a gaming company from Plymouth), working as a game engine programmer. This proved to be invaluable experience. I was also part of the Ex Play Festival which was held in Plymouth. This was a national success as it was attended by the heavyweights of the industry."