Rebecca Winkler, current 2nd year student
Why did you choose University of Plymouth?
I am a mature student, and University of Plymouth was my first, and only choice. I applied to study at Plymouth due to the great student feedback that I had seen on the University website, as well as feedback from several friends of mine who had studied at Plymouth. I was also drawn to the University for my course in particular, because of the practical approach to learning, made possible by the newly funded clinical skills lab, which allows us to practice our clinical skills regularly in preparation for placement.
Why did you choose the course and what do you want to gain from it?
I chose to study Healthcare Science (Physiological Sciences), since renamed as BSc (Hons) Clinical Physiology, as I have always been interested in a career within healthcare, previously working as an Auxiliary Nurse within a cardiology department. This course has enabled me to incorporate my love of science, with my interest in cardiology to gain access to a career in healthcare, as a Cardiac Physiologist.
What are your views on the placement element of the course?
Placement is a vital part of the course as it allows you to gain clinical knowledge and skills, and complete clinical competences, required for completion of the degree programme. During your time on placement, you get to interact with members of the team within your department, as well as patients and their family, allowing you to develop a level of communication and professionalism which will be needed for the rest of your career. It also gives you the opportunity to experience the day-to-day duties of a Healthcare Scientist, so that you can be sure this is the correct career path for you.
What are the good and bad bits of the course? If there is anything negative, how have you overcome this?
One of the best aspects of this course is the involvement of trained cardiac and respiratory, physiologists in our teaching, as they are able to give us insightful and realistic training based upon their experience within their professions. They ensure that we are competent in our required clinical skills before we commence on placement, allowing us to gain the most we can from our time within our trust hospitals.
The content of our modules is also great, always interesting and linking with other modules to give us an in-depth understanding of pathophysiology in our chosen specialism. There is a lot of work to do, but this is to be expected, as we’re studying for a professional career, not just for a degree.
Another good thing about the course is that all of the lecturers are very approachable and are incredibly helpful if any problems arise whilst studying at Plymouth.
As far as bad bits, I can only really think of a one, which is the fact that placement does eat into the summer holidays slightly, but this is a price I am willing to pay to be able to study for a career in an area of healthcare that I love.
Where are you now?
I am currently in my 2nd year at Plymouth, and I have chosen Cardiac Physiology as my specialism. Once I complete my degree, I am aiming to gain a place on the scientific training programme (STP) to advance within my chosen specialism.