Mark Davin - graduate profile

Graduate Engineer, Royal Haskoning, Exeter

"I wanted to study coastal engineering at university. Plymouth was one of very few universities to offer this, and had the best course, so that is where I chose to study.

My current job involves a £20 million coastal defence and enhancement scheme at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. This involves analysing wave heights and tidal fluctuations to estimate the level of the event that occurs once every 200 years on average. Using the results, the most sustainable and effective defence strategy can then be determined.

The best part of my University course was studying a subject which would allow me to become involved with large design projects throughout my career. This provides a challenge and the satisfaction of designing solutions that will make a difference to people. I also enjoyed the University’s wide range of clubs and societies, which enabled me to compete for Great Britain in ultimate frisbee.

The future? To become ever more proficient in coastal engineering, and to become more involved in research.

My advice, don’t settle for a job which doesn't motivate or challenge you, aim high."