Dr Daniel Grey, Lecturer in World History

Lecturer in World History, Dr Daniel Grey, has received a one month fellowship worth $3500 to the Harry Ransom Center in Austin, Texas to work on a project entitled,

‘Witnessing New Laws Made and Fresh Crimes Created: The British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology and Changing Ideas of Sexual Violence 1913-1947'. 

This research will also feed into Dr Grey’s book, 'Feminist Campaigns against Child Sexual Abuse: Britain and India, 1860-1947', with Bloomsbury Academic Press.

Dr Grey has already tackled some of these questions in his introduction to a special edition of Law, Crime and History entitled The Child at Risk in Modern Britain in 2017

Other recent work by Dr Grey include, 'No Crime to Kill a Bastard–Child: Stereotypes of Infanticide in Nineteenth-Century England and Wales' in Barbara Leonardi, Intersections of Gender, Class, and Race in the Long Nineteenth Century and Beyond (2018).

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