Aiman Mohammed – MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management student

Current MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management student Aiman Mohammed shares his experiences studying the programme.

"Moving to Plymouth and studying at Plymouth University was the front line of my race with life. Plymouth University has structured my foundation and broadened my vision in everything happening around me, provided me with more knowledge and developed my technical skills. It is my appreciation to everyone in Plymouth University".

Aiman Mohammed

What attracted me to the programme

As a business student, it is remarkably outstanding to fill your personal profile with academic and work experience. From my perspective, I particularly chose this course because of the variety of career opportunities for my future. Additionally, it will help to develop my supply chain skills in a wider context. 

Why I chose Plymouth 

At first, Plymouth University was recommended to me for my undergrad, especially as it has positively tremendous reviews from past students. I decided to undertake my postgrad in Plymouth University because of the excellent educational services that the University offers and other learning experiences that lecturers share. 

Studying in Plymouth University is such a dream to some people around the world. Plymouth University has been such a significantly admirable experience and will always be to me. The best studying experience I have is that everyone is so kind and friendly. Which draws to my attention that it is going to be a wonderful experience. 

Current work

At the moment, I am working on two group presentations and an individual coursework. The first is from Leadership and Management Essentials module, the presentation task requires us as students to interview a manager and one of their team and to analyse the relationship between them according to concepts included on the module.

The second is from International Business Environment, the purpose of the presentation is to present a summary of the main opportunities and threats for a chosen industry/organisation in a country of my choice. 

Finally, the individual coursework is the Marketing and Strategy module, which requires me to critically assess the role of marketing in developing and implementing effective future strategies for LEGO as it faces an increasingly more challenging market position. The presentations are group work based, therefore, I collaboratively work with students from different nationalities. Moreover, each presentation has tasks to share out regarding the presentation and each member has an effective role in the group in terms of research, design, coordination and other collective tasks.

Outside of the programme I am involved in the Business School society, football club, Course Rep, and have been a Student Ambassador for almost four years now.

Next steps

Developing your plans while studying is always exciting. My career plans after graduation are to work for a supply chain organisation or set up my own business in supply chain for an IT company. However, first I need to gain experience and develop my own ideas whilst I work for a company – this will help me structure what the world will need in the near future.

I hope to remain in the UK and work for a production company in the supply chain and operations sector, my interest levels in this sector are growing every day.