Shunmugham Pandian

Our MSc in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management began as an MSc in International Physical Distribution in 1994 before being renamed as MSc in International Logistics in 1996. This programme has affirmed Plymouth University as a leading educational institution and research centre in the areas of international transport, logistics and supply chain management, and has earned a reputation in the industry for providing graduates of the highest calibre, passion and dedication.

The programme will provide you with the technical capacity, skills and professional knowledge required to understand the specialist business processes of logistics and supply chain management. Over the course of your study, you'll become a highly talented specialist with the unique blend of vision, practical experience, analytical skills and technological capability required to take up pivotal, senior roles in logistics and supply chain management in various industries. You'll also gain the opportunity to enhance your professional competence if you already carry industry experience that you wish to build on through a structured programme of study.

Our programme offers you the opportunity to pursue a postgraduate programme in international logistics and supply chain management in sufficient depth to merit masters degree, PgDip or PgCert awards. Delivered by a team of international staff who are actively engaged in intensive research and consultancy, this programme offers an opportunity to draw on our staff's unique blend of academic excellence and industry liaison experience.

The MSc in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management is truly international, with students from many countries typically represented in any one academic year. This diversity enhances your academic experience and opens up international contacts to you. By opting to study this programme you'll have the unique opportunity to study at a leading educational institution and to benefit from the international learning environment we provide.